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2011 is going to be a great one…

             With all the shoots and posting and planning, my blog has taken the brunt of my business.  It has suffered a little loneliness lately, and I’m here to breath some life into it.  I can’t believe 2010 is so close to coming to an end, it seems like just yesterday I was gearing up for summertime and sunset engagements sessions. It was a long and quite enjoyable season, and I was so glad the weather was warm for so long. Even today! I’m looking outside, smiling, and counting down to a creative Christmas shoot with some adorable little people. Three to be exact- and I can’t wait to play outside with them !

               Things have been picking up with the photography and I am just giddy over how much is has grown since I first started. I knew it wouldn’t be an overnight thing. Nothing ever is.. it’s a process of hard work and diligence, ( as my mom would say, “gumption”), and in my case : reading. A WHOLE lot of reading. Being a Journalism graduate, I’ve always loved writing. Reading of course, but writing mostly. Now the tables have turned, and I’m scouring the internet and books like crazy. Always learning, and practicing what I learn, and smiling when people love the final product of all the hard work.

             Today tops all, though. To me,  a success in the world of my aspiring photography. I signed papers to be a sponsor for the Magic Moments Bridal Show, and I am beyond excited! How great of an opportunity I have been given and what a wild ride it has been until here. I’ve bounced from one end to the other: Should I go to grad school? Or move to Nashville to job search?  Or study at the App. Craft Center to pursue my interest in metalwork? The possibilities were endless, and I loved that. But at the same time, I desired something concrete- some direction to head whole-heartedly. I packed up my scattered brain- put away my wondering mind for a while and dove into photography- no questions asked. And here I am….so thankful of being taught to follow my heart, even when it seems foolish.. and following the belief that nothing is ever lost unless you give up.  

             I’m going to have to throw it back to my mom on this one… myy number one fan and solid support system on all the ideals I mentioned before. She was once an bit of a photographer as well when she was my age, before she decided to pursue her teaching career. Her vintage shots decorate my walls, and I love the sunset pictures and ornate belly-dancing ladies with long flowing hair she captured on good ol’ 35 mm film. What a cool mom! And I am so lucky to have been blessed with a being a daughter to a woman who never questioned my right-brained, uber-creative goals, who never questioned my ongoing rants about staying away from a 9-5, and who listened every single time I changed my mind about my future ( at least 30, but who’s counting?). Well momma dear, rest assured, I’ve found it and I am so so happy! I’ll change my mind about a million things in the future, but this won’t be one of them. I love you, and thank you for everything.

         A happy day like this just can’t go without thanking the people around you. Reminds me of a best friend of mine who on her most recent birthday, gave a little something to all of her friends in honor of her grandmother’s traditional Cherokee ways. In doing so, she said she wanted to give back to all of us because without us, she wouldn’t be where she was or so blessed with a great life. The same token of my appreciation now, thanks to everyone for all the love and support… :)

That was fun.. now let’s try another post in LESS then three months… off to photograph those beautiful children.. and of course enjoy this beautiful day.

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