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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Liz + Derick {St. Simon’s Island, GA} 3.31.12

These two.. these Liz & Derick characters (picture me so playfully shaking my finger at them both).. they had it out for my heartstrings on their day. They were going to pluck em like the Rocky Mountain String Band, and boy had I wished I would have doubled up on the emotional armor the morning […]

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featured by {Lucy Dylan Weddings}

Aw, shucks! I just love it when bridal blogs decide to feature a session of mine. Lucy Dylan Weddings has featured the beautiful Mrs. Autumn Curtis. We romped around in Manchester, TN following her wedding day and caught some awesome rustic shots of this little lady having fun in her gown again. Wanna see the […]

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Thelma & Louise and our first wedding of 2012

I think my heart could just explode after the last weekend in March. Let’s start from the beginning. As always, a better place than just about any… plus, I’m feeling like all my photo friends are always down for a good afternoon read. Where’s that ottoman? Kick your feet up, bro. Bro?! Yup. Too much […]

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diana + patrick. engagement session.

I waited in my car and stalked on Facebook. Not people stalking, but worse. I was on the  the Free People Nashville store’s page ( I’m addicted to their clothes, their accessories, their everything. That’s the way to my heart… anything from them and I’ll give you a giant bear hug so hard your eyes […]

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say yes to the sesh: engagements rock

4 a.m. The Cranberries’ “Dreams” just came on Pandora. The music gods must have seen my office light switch on. A sweet kind of Saturday morning. (insert smiley emoticons x infinity) It’s SATURDAY?! What am I doing up and why aren’t the cartoons on? Where are my p.j.s with the built-in footies and my giant […]

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