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8th & Roast | Native | Published

Soo… despite this oh-so dreary Monday, I’m bee-boppin’ around my place like it’s Saturday- dancing to Spotify and breaking out in song while I take out the trash. The pep in my step has Native written all over it, and if you haven’t check them out, you should. They kind of rock my face off. Really.

Covering everything from Nashville music, food, and entertainment. This cultural magazine it’s putting that “Hell Yeah” in print. Such a great vibe to these guys and their team. The reaallllll reason to my pepped step?? I joined them! I recently got added to the Native team, and I’m stoked.

So looking forward to this amazing Nashville photo gig and all the amazing opportunities ahead.

Wanna see their full issue? Please say yes and check it out here: Native March 2013.

Also, you gotta swing by Roast, Inc. and grab a cup of joe. These peeps were great to work with, and their coffee is delicious. Yummiest shoot in quite a while!


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