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A new kind of blog love.

A new kind of blog love.


I feel like turning a new leaf, starting a new chapter, and in the words of my most recent tattoo: embracing possibility.


Up until this point, I have compiled posts revolving primarily around my work, my photos, and my job as a photographer. It’s been chocked full of fun stuff surrounding my business, and I have loved sharing all these images with you guys.


But to be honest??


I’m kind of ready for something new.


Not occupation wise! Pump the breaks. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.  I love my work too much to be be flying off in left field.


Something new for this blog. I’ve been thinking. A lot. My mind adventures creep up on me when I least expect, and I’m lost staring at a teeny-tiny tack hole in my leaving room wall for twenty minutes. No, seriously. My childhood best friend used to make fun of me because my eyes would just become affixed on something and then start to bulge out of my head while I was in deep thought. It was kind of weird. I know, right? Creepy.


Anyways. Long story short- I’m a thinker. Over thinker, to be exact. I analyze the latest analyzation.. Worry about what’s worrying me..


This blog’s missing piece has been sitting on the doorstep of my worrisome mental porch. I couldn’t shake it. I worked on the blog in various ways.. I redesigned it. I posted more. I changed fonts and redefined pixel counts.


I analyzed again.


I worried some more.


Then it hit me like a ton of bundled html code.


This blog was missing one very important piece: me.


Sure, I write about myself in passing- what I thought of the session at hand, what I love about them, and the like. I write about the pictures that visually encompass my passion, but never feel like I am verbally matching that same importance.


Sure, I got in to a stint last year where I wrote a few personal posts. Sadly enough, it was short lived and I became swamped with editing. I returned to bi-weekly entries displaying photos and recounting the awesomeness that surrounded it. I yearned to resume my personal posting, but found the time and the courage do so minimal.


There’s something so simply terrifying about, essentially, blindly posting virtual diary entries.


Who’s reading? Potentially many to none, a questionable amount embedded in the beauty that is the internet.


It makes a non-nail biter go to town on those puppies. It makes me nervous.


But the older I get, the more I realize that life is about leaving comfort zones and changing the game to bring about personal growth. It’s about doing the things you wish you could and dreamed you would.


It’s about being the change you seek. Yup, Ghandi is the man. My boyfriend told me that quote and I reveled in it’s awesomeness.


So, folks… you’ve just arrived to my non-picture posting post.


It’s all about some Jessie, and I hope you’re down for that.


I put down my personal writing pen awhile ago. Mainly writing for hire and the like. I forgot whose fingers were tip-tapping away and whose eyes were mid-bulge shuffling through a million and one ideas.


So I’m gonna write about me and my crazy photo adventures, about my exciting news to be announced in the next few months,  about my dreams as a small town girl just trying to make it in this crazy photo world, and about my life as it progresses way too fast for my own comfort.


What do you mean I’m 25?! Where are my Reebok light up sneaks?? I’m still a child at heart most definitely.


I hope you want to get to know me better, because I sure do love to know some people are reading. So leave me a comment.. send me some love. If I write something that inspires you, tell me. If I write something that makes you get a little teary, tell me. If I write something that pisses you off, tell me.


I’m all about the comments, peeps. It keeps me knowing that you’re out there. Even if there’s not one single reader, at least I know I’m doing what makes my heart the happiest and changing this whole blog thing up to be a little more me. Ghandi would be so proud…



I took this on my afternoon walk today. It’s like a breath of fresh air in photo form.

Beth - April 3, 2012 - 4:28 am

Yay! Love it! A rockin’ first step. Love your writing voice. Look forward to reading more from you! =}

Jessie - April 5, 2012 - 8:27 pm

Thanks Beth… LOVES TO YOU for the great advice!

joy mccaleb - April 7, 2012 - 8:23 pm

adorable story about your love for people and photography! love, love, love!

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