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Such a super awesome holiday today. Fat Tuesday and everything Mardi Gras is upon us. I think it’s my 3 year stint waiting tables in a Cajun cuisine heaven that’s the culprit for my Louisiana affinity on a day like this. Gambino’s french bread? Yes, please.

Throw in some beads of wild purples and greens, and I’m like all about some festive stuff. I wish I could teleport down south. Stat. Let’s get moving, I’ve got some masks that need to be rocked out like asap. But alas, no teleportation possible as of yet. The second best option? Pictures, of course. Any day that needs to be celebrated deserves a little bloglovin’.

Today’s images are a little wild, wacky, and out of my norm, but that’s the best part. I love trying new things and testing the waters of all kinds of photo ops. Shooting primarily weddings (most noteably one of the many loves of my life), I work with couples on the regular. However, I decided to take it back to my roots on this one. Shooting one-on-one with girls is exactly how I started this whole photo journey- teaching myself which way was up on my D40 and such.  As much of a creative exploration as this most recent shoot was, it still had that good ole feeling to it- like going home for the holidays or rockin’ out to a classic Fleetwood Mac tune on a countryside drive (add that to my to-do list this spring!).

It just kinda felt like home, even though I’d been far removed from it in the years leading up to now. Long story short, I was stoked. No wait… not stoked. Let’s call the kettle black: I was just plain freakin’ out, ok folks? No pretty way to say it. I was pumped beyond belief.

But maybe it was the photo ingredients that had me basically losin’ my mind over this sesh.

You see, my lovely friends at Paul Mitchell Knoxville said they would join me on this editorial voyage. Then, as if my heart could bear anymore good stuff, Altar’d State said they would allow us to use their clothes. The whole creative collaboration couldn’t have been possible without my right-hand woman, Autumn Curtis, and my stylist extraordinaire, Jessica Killmon. With their powers combined, we were planning machines.

I could have fainted, but I was just way too busy thinking of the possibilities that awaited.  It was going to rock.

And in truth, it really did make me feel like I was back at Day 1, shooting friends the way I had in the past. It’s so wonderful to branch out and get that home-y feeling at the same time. What a mix. Such a perfect combination for a sweet,  southern gypsy dreamland.




Jess - February 13, 2013 - 3:19 pm

My fave photo shoot using Altar’d State clothing by far! :) Amazing!

Jessie - February 26, 2013 - 4:01 pm

Thanks so much, Jess! Super sweet words, for sure. : )

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