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Annie Akers

                 So in my down time before the 2011 weddings season gears up, I like to fill my time with working on  solo creative sessions. This is ALWAYS a blast for me because I absolutely love getting to work with these ladies! They are such troopers, too. Annie goes without exception. I have known her parents, Brit and Susannah ( cutest couple and sweetest people ever- love them!), for several years now, and when I started searching for new models I immediately thought of Annie. I had seen some shots of her on Fbook, and when I sent Susannah a message asking if she thought Annie would be interested, she sent back with an enthusiastic Yes! She would love to!  …I had a feeling this girl was definitely going to be as cool as her parents. And I was right.

                 On the day that we shot this session, it was freezing and sleeting.  I told Annie I had found us an awesome locale, and she was super pumped when I told her we’d be shooting against the Cookeville skyline. I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical of how it would work out. It was so dreary and I feared it would be too slippery to get where we wanted to go. I called Annie before our session and made sure she was still up for it. She said she was ready to rock it out….

           When we got there, she threw off of her stellar 3 inch heels, and climbed up there like she was a James Bond girl. I loved it! I kept asking ” Would you care if we…” or ” Do you mind to sit down?” ( on the freezing, wet roof, mind you) Every time I asked, she would say Yeah, girl! I’m so down for this! Let’s do whatever, I don’t care! I was just tickled to pieces!

          I’m so so glad she was an awesome as she was, because we got some amazing shots. Initially, I was hoping for those beautiful colors of the sunset, but I absolutely adore how well her Army green jumpsuit plays against the gray sky. Needless to say, she is gorgeous! She’s so down-to-earth… definitely my kinda gal. I really can’t say enough positive words about her, she’s great : )

Now for… drumroll please… Annie’s shots!!! Yay! So glad to finally get to post these!

Annie: You rock.. can we please do this again soon??

Just a few previews I have posted previously on Fbook..

And now for the final images : )

LOVED this session! Definitely worth the frostbite : )

Until next time..


Bigvay Gonzalez - December 12, 2011 - 6:21 pm

She is absolutely gorgeous!
way to bring out her beauty Jessie!

did I mention she is gorgeous?

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