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Anniversary Session: Katie & Jon

I have this attachment to my first wedding clients. You see, Katie found me at the Magic Moments bridal show two years ago, and when she asked me to shoot her wedding I was floored. Me?? I absolutely loved taking pictures, but my portfolio was limited, and I was just trying to break into the wedding market. I was hoping 2010 brides would take a chance on me, and when Katie did.. I couldn’t believe it.

Katie and I clicked immediately. Her firey red hair and sweet personality had me smitten with excitement about photographing her and becoming her new friend. When I met her fiancé ( now, husband!), Jonthan, I was stoked. They were so cute together, and it was obvious they were perfect for each other. Even just sitting and chatting about their wedding, I could tell what a cool connection the two of them had. Their love for each other was contagious, and I left their consultation wishing their wedding day would hurry up and get here. I just couldn’t wait to work with these too.

Here they are on their wedding day…

That was two years ago, and Katie and Jon have been close friends of mine ever since. When we met up to photograph their session, there was not one silent minute from the time we began until we finished at sunset. We talked about everything.. about the new house they completely redid themselves (it’s pretty amazing, folks. I was blown away). We talked about the business and all the new things happening. We talked about how time can get away from us. We caught up. We reminisced.

I’ll admit, I didn’t expect this when I started shooting.

When I bought my first pro camera ( a D700 and my absolute baby- I think BD gets jealous sometimes haha), I expected to learn everything about it. I expected to be overwhelmed.  I expected to stumble a few times. I expected I would have to dust myself off and keep on truckin’. I hoped people would hire me. I stressed they wouldn’t.

Let’s be honest, I was scared. I knew I wanted something- this business, and I just had to have it. I expected it to be a journey, and it has been.

See, I expected so many things surrounding my camera and the business I wanted to build around it. What I wasn’t prepared for were the couples who would let me into their own love story. Couples who were eager to share their excitement with me- who wanted me to be around for one of the most important days of their lives.

Again, Me??!

Yup. It has been one wild ride, and Katie & Jon were there from the start.

Don’t mean to get sentimental folks, but it really does put me in emotions I can’t explain in writing. This is weird for me to not be able to elaborate.

This brings me to a very special point for all you aspiring picture takers out there..

In such a big world with lots of photographers, it can be hard to snag your first job. Keep on shooting! Don’t stop for nuthin’. (my english teacher mom would kill me for that one. eek!)

I have no photographic training. None. A few classes in darkroom, but that’s it. Everything else I’ve taught myself. I’ve read. A lot. Why am I telling you this? Doesn’t it put me as a disadvantage? Revealing my lack of formal education… won’t that turn people off? I hope not. But if does, that’s okay. Because I love what I do and I’m gonna keep on doing it.

If you love pictures, keep on taking them.  If people say something negative, brush it off your shoulder and stomp on it. If you start getting turned around about f-stops, shutter speeds, and all your reciprocals.. take a deep breath. You’ll get it. What matters if that you like your pictures. Keep on doing what makes you YOU and people will love it, too.

Thanks to Katie & Jon, I realized that. You two are the best. Thank you for everything. Seriously. I am forever grateful.



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