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ashley lynn {senior}

I’ve said it a million times before, and I’ll say it again. I love my solo sessions and especially when they are seniors. Every time I go to shoot these, I always end up having a blast with these girls. It never fails. I am one lucky gal to have such awesome clients. Love my senior ladies..

When Ashley’s mom, Jenny, contacted me about photographing Ashley- I was pumped. I’d seen some places in Sparta that I just fell in love with, and I was so excited to shoot there.

When we met up and started looking through outfits, Ashley pulled out her tutu and said, I thought this would be cute. With a black top? Um, I almost did a dance move myself. Heck yes. I am all about dance photos. When I realized she had brought her shoes, scarves, and the whole sha-bang, I was elated. I think if I were anywhere near as inclined as Ashley, I may have lept off the ground and touched my toes. But, let’s stick with what we know here…definitely don’t need a pulled muscle during wedding season. I’ll leave all that cool stuff up to Ashley..

After shooting this, Ashley and I discussed an exciting creative session in the near future. Can’t wait to photograph this dance machine again for an oh-so special summer photo op.. Want details? My lips are sealed : ) Buuut! It’s photo time… woop woop!

Ashley- You. are. gorgeous. : ) I had such a blast with you, and I am so glad you brought your dance outfit. Absolutely rocked my face off, and I can’t wait for our second shoot : ) Yay for pictures!


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