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Big Red Heart Day: Megan & Aaron

Happy Big Red Heart day folks! It’s a day dedicated to celebrating the l.o.v.e. and I am all about that. Forget the chocolates and dinner dates, give me a pair of wings and some roses and I am just as happy as a clam. I mean chocolates kind of rock my face off too.. so.. I mean.. if you’re by Russell Stover’s..

You may remember my Vday shoot last year with the fabulous Ms. Ella McCormick. If you missed it, check it out here. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I played in a field with this little lady. It’s crazy to see how much my style has changed since then with my photos!

Pretty things for shoots are the BEST eva. When Megan, Aaron, and I were planning this shoot, I was all about some tall wheat colored grass and an open field. Little did I know they would pull a James Bond and catapult themselves into the tree for the betterment of my photos. What a great couple to go all jungle gym on this session and score such a unique pose for me to shoot.

Um… did I tell you guys that you are pure awesome for doing that? You’re like the cat’s pajamas…. or the bee’s knees. You rock. End of story. : )

There are two huge reasons I am madly in love with this session (well besides the couple- Megan & Aaron are preetttyy great), 1) the rainboots. I love the boots Megan has on. She brought a pair of heels, but when I saw her hop out of the car in these, I just couldn’t resist. “Rock em out!” I said.  I am all about breaking out of the norm 2) Aaron’s scruffy beard. Megan texted me and asked what I thought about a furry face for the shoot. Once again, a “rock it out!” thing for me. I mean, have you seen my man? I am all about some facial hair…. speaking of my man…. We did our own little shoot just the other day!

I wanted to share because it is the day of LOVE… and this is mine <3


* INTERRUPTION! insert quick personal note… Happy Valentine’s Day BD!!!! I <3 you so much… thanks for being my guitar playing, joke making, laugh causing, hug giving, BEST boyfriend eva. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Forget this one day only thing. So glad we celebrate this stuff year round. You’re my numero uno. xoxo

Sorry for the lovey dovey sapiness, folks. What can I say? This shoot just has me feeling all warm and cuddly. Just had to give a shout out to my boo.

Back to the photo purpose at hand,  I love any reason to be festive, and this is like the ultimate way to celebrate: taking photos!!

Ready for this cupid love story? I know I am!








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