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Bonnie & Wes. Anniversary Session.

Another anniversary session on the ole bloggity blog today! I love getting to work with couples who are celebrating their anniversaries. Whether it’s on the very day they wed or 6 months after, I just think it’s super sweet when spouses wanna get all romantic and lovey dovey for some photos on their special day.

I wanted to highlight these sessions in the blog, because I know many of you ladies want some pictures with your hubs or boyfriend.  Anniversary sessions are very similar to engagement session in that they are meant for just the two of you & they are an afternoon centered around what makes you both so awesome for each other: the fact that you’re in love! Oh, and celebrating how long the two of you have put up with each other is a pretty awesome reason to get some photos taken. haha Argh! Men! So tough to deal with, but so great to have around.

This isn’t just for married couples either! This is for ALL couples. I don’t think that only those who are getting married should be the only peeps sharing the romantic photo love. Whether you’ve been married for 10 years or dating for 2, it’s time to get some good photos together.

Being in love is worth celebrating. So let’s party..

Wanna get more information on these types of sessions & what they include? Shoot me an email!

Since we are all about discussing the fabulousness of these anniversary  session, let’s look at some pictures from Bonnie & Wes’s anniversary session…

These two are SO perfect for each other, and their laid back love of life and one another made me feel super special to be there for this big shoot. Their passion for each other  is apparent and completely adored (by me!). What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic… ready to “aww” at every couple in heartbeat.

Watch out, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I fall for these types of sessions like 24/7. Sooooooo… if you’re needing a reason to romp in nature and love on your boo, call me : ) I like spending time with couples and taking pretty pictures. I think we’ll be good friends!



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