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Bryan & Amber | Anniversary | Germantown | Nashville Wedding Photographer

The more I discover about Nashville, the more I just wanna give it a big ole bear hug.

I’ll admit it. I was a little nervous about making the big move by my lonesome last June. I am and always will be a small town girl at heart, and thinking about everything big city made me a little shaky. “A little” being the understatement of all understatements. I remember sitting with my mom last summer in our backyard on a swing in front of our firepit. We were having a little bonding time and getting all our details in order about the move, which was quickly approaching- just a few days away at the time. I got a little teary and told her I wasn’t sure if I wanted to move anymore. She smiled, wrapped her arm around me, and gave me the “you can do it” motherly talk I had grown so accustomed to. I don’t know why moving made me so nervous. It just did.

Fast forward 9 months,  and I have kind of fallen in love with this city that had me shakin’ in my boots at first. I just recently got to feast my photo eyes on Germantown while photographing Bryan & Amber’s anniversary session. It’s pretty sweet– a neighborhood of revamped historical houses and streets of homes painted bright pastels that could have leaped off the pavement and kissed my camera. Although we didn’t shoot around these spots, we photographed their session in an equally awesome place. I was diggin’ the industrial backdrop, and did you say rooftop??!?! Ugh. You know how I die over a pretty skyline. And a Nashville one at that?  Heart melting.

To make it come even more full circle, Amber is a small town soul sister. Hailing from Monterey, we’re hometown neighbors. It made me pleased as punch to celebrate her recent move to the big city with a shoot for her and her hubs.

Welcome to Nashville, Bryan & Amber. Many more coffee dates to come, you can be sure of it. ;)

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