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Carrie Bressler

             I am so excited to post up these photos! I have known this beautiful lady for quite some years now. When I was brainstorming about our solo creative session, I immediately thought of this gorgeous location I had passed on a relaxing drive the other day. I thought of her rockin red hair with the creaminess of this golden field, and I was convinced and super pumped to start shooting her session. 

            I love this girl, because she is so natural and laid back. First thing she asked me when we hopped out of the car was Shoes, no shoes? and despite the freezing cold weather, I gave a timid reply/question No shoes??  I had this idea of complete simplicity in my head, and there’s nothing that embodies that more to me than a barefooted lady.. And my, my, my did she not rock this out for me… okay, okay I’ll cut the chit chat.. I’m just too super excited to post!!

          Thanks Carrie.. you are awesome!! I had the best time on this session : )


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