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Okay, I’ll be frank. This isn’t actually a DIY page, per say.

This is more of a D.I.Y decorating with things you normally wouldn’t think to use.

I decided to add this into my website when I kept integrating handmade props into my sessions. After pairing them with random other vintage-y finds, I’d always stumble upon a look I loved.

I’m a sharer at heart. So in case you missed any of these decorating tid-bits in any of my themed sessions, be sure to check em out!

Scarves. hang em. drape em. decorate your place with vintage fabulous-ness.

Old bottles. wrap em fabric. make em a vase. a candle holder. stick a branch in it and make a jewelry display. go crazy..

Needless to say, lots more to add. From past and future sessions. Ideas galore coming your way…

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