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Devin Eddins

I’ll admit it… I have been so looking forward to posting Devin’s pics ever since our sunset solo session at the Parthenon. Devin is a great friend of mine, and when she agreed to model for me, I was beyond excited. See, this is my kinda girl.. laid back and so genuine… loves the music, vintage clothes, and summertime festivals.. Super fun to hang with. You can  just shoot the breeze with this lady and end up having a heart to heart with the girl before you know it – so so easy to talk to. I really can’t say enough positive things about her. She’s the bomb.. if that phrase is even used anymore? If not- Devin, you just resurrected it. You’re the bomb. : )

BD and I had been planning a drive up to Nashville for about a week, and lucky for us we were able to work it into our schedules on the same day. I had been eyeing a visit to the Apple store via the website, for months. I get wrapped up in the site alone, but whenever I go to the actual store, I get lost in it. Uh, yes. I’ll have one of everything please. I wish! I’ve been meaning to order a few things, but I’m a go-in-the-store kinda gal, look around, and then purchase it. See, I’m into this instant gratification thing and waiting for the UPS man isn’t my forte. The hour long drive to Nashville was a small price to pay to subdue my Apple craving and photograph one of my good friends at the same time.

The day started out eventful enough. An hour into driving, we get lost. Of course. How is this possible? I’ve been to Nashville hundreds of times and the Green Hills Mall is familiar to me… I mean.. I’m a girl. I have a fifth sense for finding things like shopping centers and a good sale. But.. no. I got us all turned around, mixed up, on another highway completely – I couldn’t even tell  you the number now if I tried. We were not hitting up any stores anytime soon. I’ll take the blame on this, BD. I thought I knew where it was! So I overestimated my sense of direction and snubbed Mapquest and the same time. BUT, wait! Yours truly swoops in to save the day… I got us back on the right track! I patted myself on the back, boosted my self-confidence, and convinced myself driving in large city was cake. Uh, yeah, like I said- I convinced myself… I know I’d lose my mind at 5 o’clock and jammed in traffic. But it was good to feel like Superwoman for a second….

We checked out Apple and with the short free time before we met Devin, I got to have my first Free People store experience. Holy cow. If you know me, you’ll easily identify me with the fact that I’m a hardcore FP fan. I read their blog religiously, and constantly interrupt BD on his own computer to show him the current piece of clothing I’m drooling over. A little pricey for my taste, but  just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t look at the menu. I love the menu. Especially those pair of delicious blue high waisted pants. Yum. I left empty handed and kinda bummed- but I was headed to a session.. what better time to cheer me up.

So with Devin’s help- we found the Parthenon. Yeah that huge building with gigantic park around it? Yeah, we found it. I had my doubts after getting us lost the first time, but simple directions prevailed. I honestly had not been to this place for years, and I forgot how much I loved it. The warm weather mixed in with a BEAUTIFUL sunset made for an awesome day. I got to meet one of Devin’s good friends, Ms. Holly Hodges, who will hopefully be modeling for me in the near future!

I’m just too excited to post the pictures to even type a minute more.. so here they are..


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