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Diana & Patrick | 6.9.12 | Knoxville, TN

I think sometimes words make music, and in this case Diana was singing to me like she was Ms. Diana Ross herself.

The chorus? The Knoxville Botanical Garden. My heart? A flutter.

“Seriously?!” I gasped in amazement. I needed a moment. The idea of my camera, a bride and groom, and a bunch of pretty flowery things. I can’t take it.. too much photo excitement and I go into shock.

As if their location wasn’t going to be awesome enough, these two had me looking forward to their big day even months before it arrived. We got to shoot their engagement session at the Minister’s Treehouse in Crossville, TN and boy was it an overload of vintage awesomeness. You know how I love getting to spend time with my couples pre-wedding, if you wanna hear me hoot & holler about it.. check out the post here. I do love my e-sessions.

If you know these two personally, you know they love music, laughing, and each other like crazy. Diana & Patrick are like the sweetest thing ever as individuals, and then when you put em together it’s like a big ole slice of adorable pie.

We had such an amazing time at their wedding, and I am super stoked to share all these photos with you lovely peeps.

Diana & Patrick : Could you have anymore of an awesome wedding soundtrack?? Seriously. So smitten with your ideas for you big day, and I could’t have had more fun shooting with you. You light up my little diy heart. Thanks for everything and Congrats!


Jesslyn Amber Claywell - July 15, 2012 - 5:36 am

I wish I could be just half as talented as you are, Jessie! All of your pictures are amazing! You inspire me!

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