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Engagement Session: Kayla+Chris

Little did I know that two years ago, one of my partners in my Psychology Group Dynamics class would also be a future bride of mine : ) I saw Kayla at this year’s Magic Moments bridal show, and could not believe so much time had passed since we had class together. Time flies. I write about it almost every blog. It continuously blows my mind…’nuff said.. but I will still probably mention again sometime within the next week’s blog. After the bridal show, there was a drawing with tons of prizes from all of the vendors plus one very large, very awesome grand finale door prize to make for one very happy, very giddy 2011 bride. Well guess who won? Yup! Ms. Kayla Mills rang in the new year with an awesome surprise to aid in her wedding planning extravaganza.

When we met to shoot this couple’s session, I got to meet her beau, Chris Looper, for the first time eva! He was a sweetheart, smiley and so obviously in love with the lady who sat next to me as we drove around to all our locations. Yes- he let her have the front seat. She didn’t even have to call shotgun! or anything… I know, right?! Top ten signs he’s a keeper.. this one goes along with sharing the remote control and squeezing the toothpaste from the bottom up. Go, Chris, go : )

Once again.. love chatting it up with my clients. Couples, brides, — whatever… if we’re talking weddings, then I am one Chatty Kathy. I love it. Dresses and colors and flowers and decorations and music and… umm.. oh, yeah! Photography : ) love me some wedding talk almost as much as I love the people who are so excited to tell me about theirs. And boy did we have some time to chat, the photos from the session were literally taken from one point of town to the other…so so worth uncovering these hidden spots and finding something one-of-a-kind for these two. I can’t wait to be there for their big day in September and to (of course!) blog about how awesome their day was…

and now for a few photos of the future Mr. and Mrs. Looper…..


Sam - February 26, 2011 - 2:17 am

Hey Jess,

I love looking at your photos. You have great talent. I was wondering where and how you find all the neat locations.

Jessie - March 7, 2011 - 4:16 pm

Thanks!! Honestly just lots and lots and lots of driving around. My gas bill speaks the truth :)

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