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{engagements} amy sims + tyler smith

OK- let’s be honest here. I have been looking forward to these engagements for quite a while now. Not only because I was getting to hang out with some awesome new clients, but also because these two marked my first engagements of this beautiful spring weather!! Makes me wanna do a little jig to welcome in this amazing season..

So.. when Amy called me about working with her and Tyler- I couldn’t be more excited. Literally a beautiful person inside and out, and I’d honestly have to say she’s one of the sweetest chicks I ‘ve met- not to mention she talked to me about music the whole way home. Yeah- totally loved hanging out with this girl.

To make the session even more of an event, this marked the first time I’d gotten to meet Tyler, and he was just as genuine and down to earth as his lady! Halfway through the session, I commented on their ease and obvious comfortable nature in front of the camera..

Me : You guys are doing great! You’re really at ease with each other and lovey in front of the camera, guys. These are going to make for some great candids..

Amy: Yeah, well . This is the first time we’ve seen each other in a week. We decided to wait til today, we thought it would be great for the photos.

Ok. My heart just melted.

Although they live together in Memphis, Amy had been on Spring Break in Sparta and Tyler has been in Kentucky with his family. Being engaged and apart is no small feat, and I loved that they waited til the session to see each other again!! So when they meet back up before their engagements, I could totally tell why these two were tying the knot.

We got to talk about these two plenty on this session (love it!), and I also got to see where their first date was. Atop a tree in a net someone has strung up , made for an awesome makeshift treehouse. These two started one long journey together and I just had to photograph them there..

Yeah, so needless to say, I’m totally pumped about working with these two. They are just the bee’s knees. And they are so obviously in love, it reminds me of how lucky I am to work with couples like this every single day ♥

looking forward to their big day: 7.9.11

All this chat about these two has got me pumped about posting their photos!


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