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George, Hand, and Henri

           Holy macaroni!  This new year started off with a bang, no doubt about it. I’ve got some great doorways opening up and I feel so blessed to be able to get so many great opportunities. To name a few: (Most obvious one first) The bridal show is Sunday.. could not be more stoked, or more sleep deprived, but hey.. a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do right? Secondly and equally as obvious, plans for Mantra Metals move into a boutique underway. Yay! Next, apartment hunting– not nearly as exciting as the first two but equally as time consuming. Finally, 2011 wedding season! Okay Okay… I know that one’s a few months away, but gotta get a little excited about it.. I mean it is technically 2011!

            My room is a mess, off topic? Maybe. Ehh.. not really. It’s chocked full with bridal show things. I did give BD a small corner, though. I mean, come on… a man’s gotta have his space. I totally understand that. :) I just need more of it right now that’s all, haha. Bless him and his little patient heart. There’s no stacking method to this little cluster of fun in our bedroom floor. It’s like a plan of attack from the board game Battleship. I know my boyfriend’s too scared to walk through it. He’s too afraid he’ll step on something; but actually probably more anguished to deal with the sobbing me for two hours after the fact.

            Needless to say, I am a very stressed out person. I’m laid back, don’t get me wrong. I love lounging around in my pjs and sleeping late, BUT when deadlines are staring me down. I turn into a little workaholic. Coffee shops and I spend a lot more time together. Heck, I had to sit my computer down last night and give it a rest because I sat on it for so many hours straight. I felt the bottom of it, and it was on fire! I shut it down, and waited for the black screen to pop up. When it did, I could just picture a little cartoon face in it panting, sweating, and gasping for air. I suddenly sympathized with it, realized it was a computer,  then  felt a little silly.  

            After I looked around the room, I didn’t feel nearly as silly. There’s an old oak carved out head from the Bahamas my parents got on their honeymoon named, “George.”  An antique ceramic hand with palm-reading signs on it, named “Hand.” An pink polka-dotted elephant nightlight (that’s broken), named “Henri” (pronounced : hon-ree – he’s French). I have names for inanimate objects. Why? Good question. I can’t get a dog.  That’s the best answer I’ve got. Maybe I should plead insanity to my boyfriend and exclaim that all this work and no play with a cute cuddly little puppy is driving me mad. He’ll probably say I was already crazy I became a workaholic. Ugh, men.

            Looking back on this post, I realize : quite the crazy rant on everything under the sun.  I’ve found I am good to concentrate on anything for more than five minutes. I’m glad I got to share the randomness that has consumed my mind here lately. Photography is always great to talk about, don’t get me wrong. But it’s always nice to learn a little about the gal behind the lens. Well… hello, there : ) Sad to say, though… My coffee cup is now empty, the clothes dryer timer just went off, and I’ve got to wade through my to do list. Summary? I’ve gotta start my day! Thanks for reading..

And as always, a good blog post needs a little photo..

Here’s a pic from my session with Ms. Annie Akers yesterday. It was freezing yesterday, but she rocked it out like she was on a tropical vaca. Thanks for being awesome Annie!  Blog post with all her photos coming soon!

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