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Gotta love 3am..

          SO much on my mind here lately.. Early in the am and can not seem to pull myself out from in front of my computer. I’ve always been a night owl, but have tried to ease my way into an early bird with buying new coffee creamer flavors over these past few weeks. It’s like a contest between my boyfriend and I on who can bring home the newest flavor. It’s more exciting and competitive than it sounds. ( He’s one upped me with Gingerbread, but I’ve heard talk of a Cinnamon Bun… victory!)

             As these french-pressed mornings have been enjoyable, I still find some sort of energy to continue on tapping away at my computer, and loving every minute of it. Laptops : Insomniac’s best friend. It’s really no surprise I’ve found myself  less rested than normal… the bridal show is this Sunday… lots of sessions in the next few days… and I am on the brink of launching my new jewelry line.  I really don’t think 2011 could have started off with more of a bang, and it makes me smile!

         I’ve got everything squared away from the big Magic Moments bridal show in merely less than a week. I can’t  believe how time has flown, and how only yesterday I was sitting down to plan for this. It’s been quite the time-consumer, but definitely rewarding to work on. 

         The jewelry line is an up an coming project I’m also focusing on now.  Still working out the details over the next few week

s, and I’m excited to let people know when and where my stuff can be purchased. I love love love art, and having the opportunity to craft something with my hands and eyes is something I never take for granted! 

        How awesome the rest of this month will be.. and especially all those following after. 3 am’s gonna hurt that potential early bird, but a blog post always makes it worth it.. smiling now for sure!


And since all good blog posts have some pics..

Here’s my new profile pic for my metal work.. Mantra Metals..


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