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Greetings from Grayton Beach!!

Welp, we made it! So excited to finally be here- I just can’t contain myself! It’s actually a rainy day today, but I’m loving every minute of it.OK- just gotta brag for a sec. Yours truly drove the whole way, minus two hours. I’m pretty stoked about it, actually. Not that BD didn’t wanna share, he totally did. I wouldn’t lert him drive because I had to see if I could do it or not- longest drive I’ve ever successfully completed. If I get turned around, which I often do, I’ll just give up and hop in the passenger seat. But not this time! I was rocking it out with Nancy, my newly named GPS. We’re buddies right about now, and I’ve scolded myself for waiting so long to get one. How did I ever get anywhere new? Oh wait, I didn’t. Now it all makes sense.

When we arrived, I about fell over. These two definitely went above and beyond in arranging our accommodations. Holy cow.. I mean.. whoa. This bridal party beach house is out of this world. Right on the beach and balconies on every floor, this place is knocking my socks off. So of course.. you know I had to post up a picture..

Like I said, LOVE IT. They call it Margaritaville!!

After we got all settled in, Laura asked me to join her and Jim to sign their marriage license before the ceremony on Sunday. I was like Girrrrllll you don’t have to ask me twice! If it involves my camera and being there for something special- count me in! So I tagged along…

LOVE these two more than I love this house! They are great and it’s completely obvious how in love they are. I’m so so so excited about their wedding : )

I can’t wait to be updating all the details about this awesome trip… and now I’ve gotta end this post with another love of mine… Mr. B Dizzle..


Lauren Kinsey - March 17, 2011 - 9:50 pm

I loved getting to meet you at LB+ Jimmy’s wedding! :D You are so cute and I know you will go far! :D

Jessie - March 21, 2011 - 12:02 am

Thanks Lauren! So great to meet you as well.. I saw your preview pic of the wedding. Looks awesome.. can’t wait to see the rest!

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