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happy big red heart day…

Happy day! I woke up this morning ready to post and show the images I have been working on all last night. I’m chugging along on 3 hours of sleep, BUT I’m smiling and drinking coffee because…. today is the day I get to show off my gorgeous gal pal- Ms. Ella McCormick! I have been looking forward to this session for at least a month- but with the chilly, and predictably unpredictable weather, it was pushed beck to yesterday to get these cupid shots.

Before I even start rambling about this session, and the awesome people who make my life so much easier (BD, Jason, Rach, Mom.. you know who you are!) Thank you so so so much guys. I’ll get back to the four of you here shortly….

For weeks and weeks, I have been talking to Jason and Rachel about a themed session. I caught sight of exactly what I wanted in an antique store, and ever since I could just not shake these images I had of Ella in a pair of huge, handmade,and truly feathered wings. Admittedly, what I had in my head was a huge set up: tables, and chairs, and teacups, and flowers, and garland, and THE WORKS.  But the more I though about it, the more I started collecting my thoughts and began genuinely thinking about simplistic beauty and a singular idea:  cupid, wings, hearts. I loved it. It was simple. It was genuine. It was a little girl playing dress up in a field. It was exactly what I wanted.

Yesterday morning I loaded my props, and so sweetly ( but firmly!) coaxed BD out of bed with promises of a beautiful day and a hot cup of joe. It worked : ) Before I knew it were were on our way to a wheat-colored field not too far from our home. I have seen this area driving on countless occasions, and even shot Carrie’s solo session there. For the most part, I live by my “new session, new location ” mantra. But I sincerely could not think of a better place to show off Ella’s beautiful blonde locks and the parade of crimson and pink wooden hearts that would decorate the landscape behind her.

I oohed and awed when Ella hopped out of the car in a light pink leotard, pink tulle skirt, and white ballerina flats. She looked adorable- and that’s an understatement. This outfit was the bomb, and if I could- I’d wear an outfit like this every day. She was the iconic rosy-cheeked, precious ballerina girl. It took me back to my dress up days, and I loved getting to be in that moment again beside a little lady who genuinely was excited about what we had planned for the day. Moments like this remind me of just how lucky I am to be doing what I am so passionate about, and how special it is that something I truly love is what gets me out of bed in the morning- and keeps me up until 5 am. Hello, last night. Having to edit to the soundtrack of BD’s snoring extravaganza made me question my decision to ask him to be my Valentine. Oops, too late.

So while we’re staking hearts in the dirt and the men are finagling a window pane onto a tree limb, I look over and see Ella just chillin’ out on this quilt. I saw it, grabbed my camera, and snap. Could she be any more photogenic? Yeah don’t think so… She’s a doll…

And of course, had to include my A-team setting up for this shoot. Look at them- hard at work and brainstorming about the McGyvering of the antique window pane via twine. Go get em guys. Gotta love Rach- she’s like me : ) just chill to the side and let the men figure it out, they totally had it under control. Me, Ella, and Rachel had our business at hand- enjoying the pretty weather and getting excited about the session. Geez! Girl time. You know every lady likes to get her picture taken! Plus the guys had this under wraps, who were we to butt in ?

Mid set up, I see Little Red Riding Hood trudging down the subtle embankment to where we were. Just at that moment, I see a head full of bouncing blonde curls take off across the field toward the bright red cloak. I put two and two together. My mom’s here to deliver the wings, and Ella’s gonna be the first one there! She was so excited to wear these. I started thinking about how much fun I have on my sessions with people. It made me so happy to see Ella’s face light up like that, and I felt so gracious to have clients as excited as she. While Mom was strapping her wings on, Rachel walked over to me, laughed, and said “Before Ella took off running she said ‘Look, Momma! There’s my wings! Maybe they’ll fly across the field to me!” It’s the kind of animation and excitement about the little things that makes me second guess my minute troublesome thoughts that I seem to dwell on so often. It’s good to be around the little people- they always seem to put things in perspective.

After we started shooting- time flew. As it always does. I find my thoughts punctuated by one shutter click to the next and before I realize it,  a session is finished, my memory card is full, and I’m impatient to hit my computer to start the editing. It’s a cycle I’m glad to make a part of my every day. Speaking of lucky– once again, thank you so so SO much to BD,Mom, Jason, and Rachel. And OF COURSE Ms. Ella!

Ella : your mom told me you were glad you had met me. You know what? I’m glad I met you too : ) I have so much fun taking pictures of you, and I hope we can do this again soon. You are SO beautiful, and you made my Valentine’s Day complete!

Now for the photos….

These are all layouts I posted earlier this morning on Facebook..

Also added this as my profile picture this morning.. love this..

last and definitely not least.. actually most.. if that makes sense.. my FAVORITE picture from the day..

Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday blog post… now off to serenade my own Valentine.. happy big red heart day : )


Jason - September 20, 2011 - 3:25 am

Jess, I was just lookn at this again tonight and WOW, this shoot STILL amazes me!!! My lil Angel Ella…!! Thanks for capturing her sweet, wonderful spirit!! -J

Jessie - September 23, 2011 - 8:16 pm

Aw!! Love that little girl..

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