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heather+bruce {wedding}

Okay guys, I’m going to get a little personal on this one. These two are my homies from back in the day, so I’ve gotta tell this little love story of theirs with those details I remember..

So, once there was this cabin.. (I feel like I am telling a fairy tale or good night story.. should we flick on the nightlight for good measure?) We all had friends who lived there, and this house was pretty much awesome. I have to say I loved all the people who hung out there. It was a good group to be around. I loved the Fourth of July get togethers and nighttime bonfires. It’s stuff like that that makes you appreciate a good Tennessee summer.

Heather and Bruce met through a good friend of ours at that very cabin and began on this dating journey that led them to May 28 and turned into a marriage. If you know them personally, you love ’em. No exceptions. They go so well together, and I think anyone that hangs out with them can tell exactly why they’re together. I can’t imagine a better fit for either one of them.

I laugh way too much every time I hang out with them as a couple. They’re adorable.

I will never forget, and I don’t even think Heather knows this. (So here ya go girl: ) ) I will never forget hanging out at Bruce’s with a friend and this car pulls up and this adorable lady hops out and goes into the house. I turn to my friend and ask Who was that? and they smiled and replied That’s Bruce’s girlfriend. I came back with a big smile. I love new relationships. I love seeing people with butterflies. I love people in love.

Who would have thunk it that I would get to see them profess their love in front of friends and family and seal the deal with a ring? Wow. What an awesome wedding. What and awesome couple. What an absolutely awesome thing to see two of my very good friends tie the knot.

And as always, every good fairy tale has to end appropriately.. And they lived happily ever..

The End

Now for a very special, very lengthy, in depth, first of many, oh so special.. wedding blog post!!

Wanna see more photos leading up to their big day? Check out Heather’s rock the dress session!

heather and bruce- woo-hoo ARUBA! I hope you two are having a blast (i know you are) and please take lots of pictures. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.. congratulations you two!!


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