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I love a good challenge..

The last few months of my life have been about blogs. Not blogging, per say. But blogging. Reading blogs. Finding blogs. Bookmarking blogs. Loving Blogs. Blogging.

I got the best advice from a recent one I found. PhotographersTo blog about photography alone is not a true definition about the actual person you are. Yes, I am a photographer. But in actuality- cut all the window display of professionalism- who in the world defines themselves solely on what they do for a living? I’m sure certain people come into every person’s mind. Touche. But, I’ll go ahead  vow to be not one of those. So I’m starting something new. I have felt pressure to blog about photography only. Not ramble about myself, but speak specifically on my business.

I started thinking, if I wrote in my blog as much as I read others, I’d be writing almost as much as I’m out shooting. I laughed at the irony of it. Here I am, openly admitting it’s much more of a challenge for me to sit down and write for 30 minutes than to shuffle through blog after blog AFTER blog of others for a couple hours. Okay, okay, I know BD will check me on this one… sometimes an entire day. I’m a writer as much as I am a photog. I graduated from TN Tech with a degree in journalism, and what would you know? Loved every minute then grabbed my camera faster than I skipped off that campus with joy when it was all over.

Maybe it was the fact that I was made to write for class. Or maybe it just got old for me at the time. Whatever it was.. I miss it. So I’m going to change it. Makes me think of my mom.. while I was complaining her ear off the other day, she stopped me, mid-sentence and said You don’t like how it’s going? Then get up and change it. I paused. Considered what she said. Agreed it to be truth. And wondered how in the world it took me so long to get motivated. Why is so much easier to look on from afar and wish things were different when it takes just a smidget more of energy to do something about it. Of course, my mom saves the day once again. You’d think she’d be tired after 24 years, but that woman’s relentless. Now I know where I got that. It all makes sense.

Now for the effort for the change for the purpose of this blog post. I didn’t make a New Years resolution this year. Don’t know why, just didn’t. I like to make short term goals and move on to the next one. I’m spacey, flitty even. A whole year? I can’t wait 365 days for success- Instant gratification is what I need. So here I go, blog post numero uno of 31. For one good month, from now until April 7th, so mark my words I will be changing up this blog thingy-ma-bob. Not just for my pictures, or my business, or simply to fill my morning coffee dates (with myself). But to finally get back to the roots of what I genuinely love to do almost as much as taking photographs. So keep up with me, check back. I’m sure there will be plenty to read. 1 blog post per day… I love a good challenge. I’ll dust off that old diploma, crack my knuckles, and spend some quality time with my keyboard. Maybe by the end of it I’ll reignite that passion that’s been in hiding somewhere, and remember what I did with all my time before that pretty little black thing sitting beside me at this moment took up all my time. I’m sure there’s a place in my heart for both of them, and BD’s always been a good sharer too..


Now for a photo of the little lady who graced me with her presence Friday morning.. thanks Gigi! You are awesome and happy early 1st birthday!!

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