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I need a few extra hours tacked onto the 24.. any suggestions?

           Oh me, oh my.. busy days have been the norm around here lately. It’s been stressful, but paying off nonetheless! I just recently decided to pursue metalwork as a side project to my photography, and have been dividing up my time to accompany both of my little heart’s desires. As photography will always come first, it’s my passion- undeniable, hands down. Metals have become a little like my mom’s knitting is to her or my boyfriend’s guitar playing has become to him. It’s that little hobby that just rounds out your day. And, I absolutely adore having yet another artistic outlet in which to play..

        A few months ago, I attended the Cedar Street Fair and set up a booth to display some of work. I really was honestly surprised by how much positive feedback I got about it. I  wasn’t expecting much at all, but I was so thrilled to see girls my age, of all ages for that matter,  really taking interest in pieces I thought were to be.. truth-be-told, no smoke and mirrors here… a little loud. They are statement pieces. They stand out, and whether it’s large in size or it’s got some major bling goin on… I was so taken back by how girls were really appreciating something that doesn’t just compliment an oufit.. it sets it apart.

           It’s very important to me to concentrate on the metal work, in the wire wrapping, and in making sure each and every one is unique. I’m not gonna lie, I want to keep almost every one. I hang it up in my own little jewelry box in my apartment, let it sit there for a couple days. Then, with gentle urgings from my boyfriend, put it on my “FINISHED!” labeled corkboard and move onto another. Pass it on, babe  he’ll always say when I proclaim to him how much I genuinely love this one, and the next one, then the next one after that. 

           But that “FINISHED!” board is lookin mighty fine right about now. Stocked full, and mocking me about how I sincerely owe BD an okay, so you were right victory. It really does feel great to pass on these pieces, and the only thing that tops that is getting to see some girls wearing it. It makes me smile, and soothes my stress. It’s my Campbell’s soup, my lavender bedtime candle, and my gigantic Snooki house shoe sneakers all wrapped into one.

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