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I’m back.. : )

              Yuck.. that is all I have to say. These past few days have been packed with chicken soup, Tylenol, and Pedialyte for yours truly. Why you ask? Oh, just  enjoying the wonders of this sickness floating around town. Not only did it leave me glued to my mattress, but it also caused me to exceed the normal amount of hours an American should spend in front of the tv. Oh, sickness. You rotten thing, you. Okay, okay. Let’s be fair here. You know I really can’t complain about the tv part, I love me some cable. I watched Animal Plant’s ” I Shouldn’t be Alive” survival series for the first time ever. I fell in love with it. I’m crazy about those informative History and Biography channel shows…

              Let’s see…that was Tuesday that I got struck with the plague and three days later, here I am. Back on the laptop and answering all those emails my incapable self could not crawl out of bed to reply to. You see, this would have been much easier to bear if I wasn’t attached to my laptop. I mean, it’s like an extra body part. It’s my homie.. my dogg.. I’m not used to this, see. I need my fix- Facebook and Gmail call to me. Trust me, the inability to get internet left me stranded. It’s good to be back.

            With coffee in hand, my road to feeling better is straight away and I’m ready to get back out there and start snapping some photos with all the new stuff I got in the mail. You should have seen me when the UPS man arrived in the midst of my sickness. Despite the aching of every single muscle, I shot out of that bed like a rocket, ready to pounce on that little signature board thing they have. So here I am, 5 years old and waiting for the mailman to bring me a toy.. well 24 and waiting for camera equipment, but if you were on the sidelines it would have looked no different. He literally got 10 feet from the door, and I shot outside, met him halfway and saved him those miniscule few steps and me those agonizing last few seconds. Sure I expected a stack of boxes from B&H Photo, Adorama, and Ebay. But do you know what he put them all in?? A big clear plastic bag! It made me smile. My very own Santa. Feliz Navidad in min-January in all it’s glory. Suh-weet! Christmas is year round. The child in me is running around the room, as we speak.

         I barreled into those boxes when I got inside, and I got a reminiscent feeling of a Christmas.. oh, about 21 years ago. I still have a picture of that monumental moment in Christmas history, the unmistakable brown carpet, mixed with a background of my brother’s newest Hulk Hogan novelties and my small Barbie car aside his new bike, and in the middle of the picture: a 3 year old me.. cheezin’ it moments after I laid eyes upon my newest treasure: A Pee-Wee Herman Doll. Whoa. Forget the Barbie car Santa, Me and Pee-Wee are gonna be friends forever. I was amazed by the exact replication of his gray suit and unforgettable jet black hairstyle. I was thrilled by his signature phrases that sprang out when you pulled the string on his back : Hello! I’m Pee Wee Herman!, I know you are, but what am I?, and What’s that? Made ya Look! .. And I was forever scarred  for every unmatachable Christmas… until now : )

                 All these little parts and pieces are just too good to be true! Better than my Barbie car and Pee-Wee Herman doll combined. I am on cloud 9. My face hurts. I’m smiling too much. Ouch. I’ll be posting up a session soon and I’m sure you’ll hear me raving about it again. But until then, a little photografia… 


Gonna brag on my amazingly talented boyfriend on this one *sigh*.. he painted this literally in only a couple of hours.. I’m in love with this man. I just had to share a photo of his masterpiece. The elephant’s name is Henri (on-ree) he’s French…

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