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Jason, Rachel, Ella, and Emmie..

                Just recently, I posted on Facebook  some photos of Jason and Rachel’s girls, Ella and Emmie. These girls are gorgeous, and they were definitely excited to see my camera in tow. After being rained out of one of our first session, I was eager to get the ball rolling on this shoot. I so look forward to working with kids, and I knew this session was going to be a blast.

               I had searched and searched and SEARCHED for the right location. I wanted something fun, fresh, but still had that vintage quality to it. I wanted something simple, but obviously noticeable. I’m picky… so I drove around. A lot. I listened to all my Kings of Leon albums BD (my boyfriend) had burned for me. At least a couple of times a piece. I got lost and unlost.. then lost again.. and congratulated myself when I finally got back on track. It reaffirmed my disbelief that I need a GPS system..(however, I find myself giving during all this location hunting. It would definitely be easier on my search for new locations… Christmas present, maybe?!)

            I kept coming across beautiful old barns and crumbling houses, but I knew I wanted an open space for these girls to be able to run around and play. A place for them to just be kids, and allow me to be more of a photojournalist and capture these girls really experiencing the beautiful afternoon. When I found it, I was beyond excited! I met the whole family and we had a blast walking around the standing chimney and steps decorating the grassy field where an old house once stood. There were hills for the girls to run on and small cubbies to look into.. needless to say.. I kind of became a kid myself. I think all five of us did.

         Out in the country and away from the hustle and bustle, it was good to lay out a blanket and to just hang out away for a while. Fall was really on full force, and with that extraordinarily long summer, it was welcomed with open arms. Most of the leaves had fallen, but there were still a ton that were vibrant in their traditional burnt oranges and reds. It was beautiful, and we sincerely had one fun and relaxing afternoon together. I loved it! Originally, we had planned the session for the girls, but couldn’t help to take some family photos to add into the mix and I am so glad we did. 

         With winter already in tow and snow falling like crazy, It’s good to remember all the seasons for that awesome nostalgic feeling you get when they first roll around. It’s good to get out and play in it every once and a while, and remember what it’s like to be a kid.

For the rest of Ella and Emmie’s photos.. check out my Facebook page:

Now for the a few photos of the McCormicks.. What a B-E-A-UTIFUL family!

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