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jessie & austin. engagement session.

I freaked when she emailed me: You’re a Jessie too??? I replied.

Heart: Be still.

Seriously, a name buddy? No… better: A new 2012 bride/name buddy. Oh heavens. Needless to say, I was so happy when I got the news that Jessie & Austin wanted me to come along for their big wedding extravaganza.

Jessie and I swapped emails here and there before their engagement session… we talked outfits, locations, dates. We giggled like girls and loaded up the emails text with lots of exclamation points. I get giddy about these types of sessions.

Huh?? What’s that you say? Why??? You must read more here my pretty ——> I just gush about everything engagement.

On my way to Monterey for their shoot, I played my music way too loud… gotta get in the photo zone, don’t ya know! I slurped on my overly sweetened Starbucks’ beverage (a sugar + caffeine rush is so perfect). I mentally prepped for this amazing session as I took in the beautiful countryside landscape around me.

It’s beautiful thing we Tennesseans see everyday. So much so, that it’s easy to forget to appreciate it. It’s the drives like this one that make me fall in love the trees, the heat (LOVING summer so far), and the jaw-dropping colors that can turn a Tennessee sky into a painting.

When I met them at this red barn, I giggled to myself as Jessie hopped out of their car in one of the most graceful of ways. With her Cowboy boots on she gave me a huge smile, and her excitement for the session was just beaming. A true Southern belle, I’ll say.

Before I knew it, we were off and away: photographing their session and just have a blast. They brought this amazing Nashville sign, and I was so excited to see this couple adding such a personal touch to their love story photos.

We ended their amazing engagement shoot overlooking those oh-so-amazing hills I had just fawned over on the way there. It really is such a beautiful thing to see… the view… the scenery from so high above… the adorable couple who was eager to tie the knot…

Such a combination and I might as well just consider it a day made. Hm… I think I will. One for the record books, most definitely.


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