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Julie & Blake {Brentwood, TN} 4.27.12

The vintage windowpane with a script-y “Julie & Blake” jumped out and welcomed me with a big wedding photo hug. Hello, fabulous Friday wedding.

I looked at Beth. This is gonna be fun, I said with a giddy smile. She laughed and gasped Agh! I love it.  We are just two peas in a pod when it comes to diy and these two had us smitten before we even clicked a shutter.

I don’t think the day could have been more beautiful… well- let me rephrase… * it was a photographer’s dream but potentially a cause of bridal panic attack prior to an outdoor ceremony. See, the storms were all around us in Nashville, and the possibility of one hitting was quite high. But, oh those stormy skies. Oh, the clouds. Of course, I had my fingers crossed, but I can’t lie. The beauty in the overcast day had me feeling excited for what photos I had in store for Julie & Blake.

I checked my radar often, but thanked my good graces for such a giant softbox in the sky.  So perf.

I have to say, their first look was one of my favorites. As Blake stood waiting on the porch of the Cool Springs House, he fixed his jacket and adjusted his sleeves. His excitement to see his love in all of her white glory was apparent. I couldn’t wait for her big debut, either- first looks are ah-mazing.

As she opened the doors of the historic venue, her face beamed brighter than the color she was wearing. She glowed.

They hugged and showed off their wedding day wear. They laughed and reveled in their moment. So sweet. They ventured off into their own little world, and I looked on with a perma-grin. This is why I love first looks so much. You really get to see people forget you even exist. And in my world, that’s pretty awesome.

Julie had one request for her day of photos- she wanted plenty of time for her and the mister. Could I make it work, she asked. Gladly. Couple  photos too often get compromised  on time when it comes to the hustle and bustle. The fact that Julie was making sure they had plenty of it made me realize she was a girl after my own heart.

As I began photographing them, I forgot I even existed to myself! They were so much fun to take pictures of, and I  lost myself a bit in their down-to-earth attitudes and ability to get wrapped up in one another. You could tell these two shared left-brains. They were so similar in the way they interacted. It was supa cool to watch.. and to snap images of, of course.

As their day progressed, I got to experience their love first hand and get to know them even better. Although we didn’t shoot an engagement session, by the end of the day I felt like I’d just spent it with two old pals.

Was their wedding  awesome, you ask? Preeeetttyyyy much fantastic. This girl couldn’t be happier.


Julie & Blake- For real, could you two be any more wonderful to work with? I am so glad I got to be there with you lovebirds, and I hope you are enjoying all the awesomeness that is married life. Your wedding was beautiful and your written vows amazing. Your venue and decor made my heart sing. If you can’t already tell, I’m kind of tickled to pieces that we hung out on this oh-so special day. I wish you both the best, and I hope your marriage is filled with plenty of creative collaborating. ; ) Congrats!

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