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Katie & Eli: a rustic country cabin engagement session

Feet bare: check.

Porch sunbathing: check.

Computer & coffee: check.

Ticket into hog heaven: double check.

Have I fallen into some crazy twilight universe, here? Where’s the creepy music and crazy space visuals? I mean.. where did this awesome weather come from?

Oh, how my little heart is jumping for joy right now. This is such a perfect day to share a little love story with you guys.

Besides being one super adorable couple, these two are all about laughing together and living in the moment. This whole session was like one big play date, and I was overjoyed to see the two of them having so much fun with it.

I went to high school with Katie & Eli, and when I saw Katie at a local bridal show she told me she was getting married this year to Mr. Akers. My reply? I know! I saw it on Facebook. 

She doesn’t have Facebook.

Not gonna lie, sometimes I feel like such a stalker when I bring up stuff like that. It showed up on my news feed. I swear! You Facebook peeps out there know what I’m talking about. Right? Right?! ; )

Eli’s mom, Susannah ( who I know is reading this: Hi Susannah!! ;) ) posted the good news on her wall, and I “liked” it. Well, let’s be honest here. I loved it. Facebook needs a love button. My sister and I  joke about that constantly. There’s just too many awesome things I see, and just liking it doesn’t suffice.

When Katie & Eli decided to book me for their day, I was flattered and so excited. I couldn’t wait to document their fairy tale, and watch two old friends tie the knot.

You all know how mushy I can get when it comes to love. Oh you don’t?? You must be new to the blog. Welcome! You should check out this blog post here. You’ll see how much I  l-o-v-e my wedding couples.

I’m itching like I just walked through a jungle of poison ivy to show this to you guys.

Such a fun session in such a cool location…

Another reason to love my job: sessions like these. I feel blessed and super lucky to be working with all these couples.

Time to celebrate with some pictures. Congratulations you lovebirds, you. Your wedding day is gonna rock.


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