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Katie Nash

I have been so anxious to do a senior photo session, and when Katie contacted me about doing hers I was thrilled! We waited through the rain and snow, and finally when the weather became somewhat agreeable (still freezing, mind you!) we got outside and started snappin’ her photos. Unlike the AWESOME weather we are having today, this girl and I about were a little frostbitten by the end of it. But like every other one of my models, she was quite the trooper, and she mastered the art of minimizing the chattering of her teeth for long enough for me to get the shot..

We drove around to all our little hole-in-the-wall locations with the radio turned up and heat blaring. I love getting to know my clients between our location changes. Katie and I talked the entire time. Graduating the spring from White County High School, Katie also takes college classes at the community college in Sparta. I’ve gotta hand it to the girl, that’s determination. Lucky for me, we were able to squeeze in her session between her high school morning schedule and afternoon college one- she is one busy lady! We talked about school, her venture into college, and boys : ) She told me about her boyfriend, Kevin and his serenade when he spotted her across the way in El Tap. She just glowed when she spoke about him. (If you’re reading.. Hi Kevin! You are one lucky dude, my friend! She’s thinks you’re just the cat’s pajamas.. but I’m sure you already knew that..)

After our session, I posted up some preview pics and shortly thereafter we became “official” friends (on Facebook!). I’m painfully addicted  to this social network, and I love that my clients can see images from their session almost immediately afterwards. When some of her posts started showing up on my mini-feed, one in particular caught my eye. It was a list she posted of 15 facts about her. I read through them, and smiled at the fact she mentioned meeting Kevin at El Tap. I loved the fact she’s one of 8 siblings- I’m one of five and the youngest, so I can understand the chaotic life of a large family. I also loved the fact about her mother being her best friend- I feel the exact same way about mine! There was one that she posted though, that really stuck with me. Farther on down the list, she wrote I want my life to make an impact. I respected that so much and as simple as that is in it’s nature, it’s also such a defining fact about someone for them to put into a list of their top 15 characteristics. I love this girl! She’s as beautiful on the inside as out, and I had a blast working with her!

Katie… you rocked this out girlie : ) Thanks for braving the cold with me!


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