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Kinslea {side session: family}


We stood staring at the sky, admiring the sunset and the blues and purples.

The Allen family session had been wrapped up, but the location was just to beautiful to leave. Especially for one of my most favorite times of day, I couldn’t pull myself away. I am fan of a pretty field, a warm afternoon, and a beautiful sunset.

My feet were planted.

I caught Kinslea out of the corner of my eye. Being so adorable and cute, I just couldn’t keep my camera tucked away.

Little girls are some of my absolute favorites to photograph. It’s not just because they’re adorable, or even that I used to be one myself. It’s that when you photograph a little lady, for the most part- she LOVES it.

I think that’s great. No matter what the age, girls are usually all about about some getting some pretty photographs taken.

I think little girls are some of my favs because it isn’t too long after the first shutter click that they will turn into a little mini model- confidence boost and perma grin complete.

I feel lucky to be part of making this ladies feel like stars. Kinslea was no different.

I handed her this stack of books, and told her to go to town.

She beamed. It was her turn. It was her time in the spotlight, and she knew it. Awesome.

I scattered the books around and we got to snapping.

Where’s all the pictures?! punctuated a shutter click now and then.

I explained to her there weren’t any. But did she stop lookin’? Nope : ) She kept on rockin’ it out.

Kinslea- Thank you for being my little sunset model. You are gorgeous and I love your curly hair. We will take pictures again soon. You are my little buddy : )



ashley allen - July 21, 2011 - 8:11 pm

Thank you Jessie!!

Jessie - July 28, 2011 - 4:33 pm

You are so welcome!

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