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Kitty the Bridesmaid

                 Happy Thursday! Almost Friday…  What a couple of weeks it has been… Getting in touch with all the brides from the show +  introducing the Mantra Metals line has been so awesome. One top of wedding info being sent out, I have had more inquiries about solo creative sessions and engagements.. some of my FAVORITES to do..always exciting : ) This weekend is going to be a whole lotta R&R and some quality time with the boyfriend. In order to gear up for all the photo stuff next week, I’ve gotta get my beauty sleep… or just watch a million hours of Project Runway on Hulu.. I’m a happy lady either way!

                 I’ve got lots to do and it’s just gearing up. My boyfriend always picks at me cause when I’m on the run.. errands or whatever uber-important task it is.. I’ll literally sprint out of the house, without a goodbye kiss or even a hug, for that matter, shouting out behind me as I shut the door:  ” Lots to do! Lots to do!” Such a good boyfriend, he just laughs at my determination and he knows he’ll be the one picking me up off the ice when I slip and fall off the porch. And he did : ). He was my knight and shining armor last blizzard we had.. aww!

                 I’m really looking forward to all the fun stuff I’m doing leading up until this summer.. solo sessions  ( I’ve been posting some photos of that up on my fbook page and in earlier blog posts, so be sure to check out these beautiful ladies if you get a chance) and  I’ve also got some very exciting wedding-related ideas for my portfolio in the mix. Still in the planning stages.. but oh-my, how I do love to let the creativity run rampant…then engagements will start (LOVE) then… WEDDING SEASON!! I’m oh-so-ready to take some wedding pictures, love my brides, love the excitement on their day, end of story..

                  All this thrown into the mix with my older brother’s wedding on the beach in March? Oh yeah… totally gonna rock out my camera : )  Just wanna share a little more about this wedding cause I’m so so stoked about it. So my older brother, Jimmy, and his fiance, Laura, are tying the knot on March 12 in Florida. OK- so like this isn’t already so rightfully awesome on it’s own account.. these two rad people are renting their bridal party a beach house ( I’m smiling so hard my face hurts.. I wish I could post a picture of me.. but the 8am me might frighten some people). And to top things off.. I get to be a bridesmaid and be a part of their big day! **************Insert tangent here.. ready? go.. The other day I was watching BD’s dvd of That 70’s Show-it’s the episode where Midge and Bob are renewing their vows.. and in the last few minutes before the ceremony, Kitty gets to be a bridesmaid for the first time ever. She rocks out this green and gold combo dress.. totally vintage, but kind of horrific.. She’s just so super pumped about being a bridesmaid..that’s me.. totally. If you haven’t seen the episode, watch it. I feel like trying to explain a funny part of a tv show is like my trying to impersonate a stand-up comedian. Kind of pointless. But nonetheless.. you get my point. Wait that makes no sense.. okay. continuing on! Just watch the show.Then think of me.. cheezin’ it : )**************end of tangent, hey you- thanks for listening..

                    I’ll have to admit though, it’s gonna be hard to sit my camera down for once and actually be in the photos, but I’m so excited to meet their husband-wife wedding photog team. I’m sure they’ll be awesome. And..  I will be posting/blogging the whole trip.. so you know there’s gonna be photos up here like crazy, right? I’ll try to keep the shot of my feet, on the sand, on the towel, in front of the ocean to a bare minimum : ) just one might slip through though..

              Ah… sand and sun.. *sigh*.. how I’ve missed thee…

             I actually blogged without a drip of coffee. Whoa. Insta-energy straight outta bed. HOLLA!

            And as always.. a good blog post always has a little pic for my friends.. love you all.. oh goodness.. all this talk about the beach has put me in such a good little mood.. BD’s not gonna know what to think when he wakes up.. I’ll be posting again tomorrow morn.. so please do check back : )


Here’s a shot of Ms. Carrie Bressler.. I just had to post this one.. she’s as cute as button and she looks so happy here. Plus, this is for Mr. Jordan Oyston.. a mutual best friend of Carrie and I.. he so longed to see a photo with her smiling face : ) So.. here’s to  you Jordy..

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