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krista sims+matt tylka 6.18.11 {wedding}

I think I first first hit it off with Krista and Matt during their wedding consultation. We had discussed specifics about their day, talked about their story as a couple, and the conversation meandered to the plans for their engagement session.

Krista and Matt began telling me about this vintage theme they were wanting with old glass Coke bottles, antiques, and an AWESOME car that would serve as the backdrop for one of my favorite engagement photos thus far.

Yup. They are that cute. I love this image.

Speaking of cars, these two met 7 years ago when Matt sold Krista her first car. Matt says he doesn’t remember that, but Krista will tell you she remembers it perfectly. She reminisced like a woman decades into her marriage, and recounted the day- she swears he was the cutest thing she had ever seen. When they met up again 6 years later, this fairy tale romance began.

She says they’re old souls together.

They love vintage. The cars. The movies. The clothes.

They get lost in laughter.

I got to watch the world fade away around them during their engagement shoot and even more so with their wedding day.

It’s a strange thing when it happens. One minute, I’m easing a couple into poses or bouncing ideas around of the next cool shot when I notice that they’re completely wrapped up in one another. *Click. I don’t exist. *Click. They share that moment. *Click. Perfect.

I am watching my couples fall in love. No matter how many times I see it happen, it honestly just keeps getting better. These two were no exception.

I’m so excited for the both of them. It’s amazing journey ahead, and so many picture perfect moments to have together.

Krista and Matt- You two are so stinkin cute :) What an awesome wedding adventure we’ve had together! Dennis, the car, the ladder, the Greyhound station, and the time Krista jumped out and almost gave me a heart attack (WHILE I WAS DRIVING! :) ). You guys are awesome and I’m so thrilled I got to be there to watch you two tie the knot! Congratulations!


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