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lee, andrea, and julie beth {family}

When I checked my email and saw a message about this family session inquiry, I was tickled to pieces. Why you ask? Andrea and I go way back. So far back, that I have only a handful of memories of being neighborhood buddies. That’s right, folks. Andrea and I were neighbors back in that day at ole Candyland Circle.

There’s something so nostalgic and special about the street you grow up on. Even though I only  lived there until I was five, I’ve always had a big place in my heart for all the memories, as small in number as they may be. Cue the heart warming music…

There’s nothing like shooting with the people who can take a trip down memory lane with you. It makes me feel like a kid again. Well, expcept for one thing… I was photographing Andrea’s little girl! How fast does time fly? Oh super fast.. I blog about it every day.

Julie Beth is a doll. Obviously, I mean look at her. Cutie patootie : ) Add in Andrea and Lee and you’ve got for one adorable family for this session..

Andrea, Lee, and Julie Beth– Thanks for showing me this awesome location! I loved everything about it, especially that beautiful weeping willow.. You three are so adorable! (andrea– i fell in love with your boots even more during your edit. i have to have some. please tell me again where to get a pair? : ) ) Hope you three love the photos!


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