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Lenny & Eva 2012 catalog shoot.

Another Lenny & Eva catalog blog post coming your way, and I’m just as excited to share this one with you guys. Just looking at these photos from a warm September afternoon makes me anxious for summer and flip flops to get here! I need to lay poolside like asap, but I can wait a few more months. I’ll just live vicariously through all the pretty green nature in these images!

I can’t possibly begin to tell you how much I LOVE all of the 2012 products. If you want to see all the new goodness for Lenny & Eva ladies, check out their new website! You will fall in love, too. : )

I could not have gotten these images by myself. I have some thank you’s to hand out…

Bethany- My love, I wouldn’t have been able to set up and style this session without you. Your artsy vision and fun-loving attitude completely put me at ease and made for one amazing session. Everything you brought for the shoot was perfect! I love the cigar box guitar and the patchwork pillow. You have eternally reserved a little special place in my heart. It has your name written all over it. Thank you babe. xo

Erica, Kelsey, and Megan- Holy cow. You girls ROCKED it. ( and you too, aaron!) For reals… like totally lost my mind editing these images. Could you three be anymore awesome? Don’t think so. I loved your outfits, your hair, and the way you modeled the product. I hope you all love the photos!

Sam- My hair queen, where do I begin? We’ve chatted back and forth about working together before this shoot, and I’m so glad you agreed to help us with this. You took mine & Kellie’s vision and made it come alive… like get out the hammer. Nail hit. On the head. Need I go on? You rocked it. You’re amazing at what you do. I love your gypsy-like styling out of the car on the tree farm. Snuggle up with Bethany, you have a little home in this ole heart of mine too. <3

and Kellie- Wow. What an amazing thing you have created. I feel so lucky to be working alongside someone whose creativity is so contagious. Everything took such a huge turn when you took me on to help, and I know you are a huge reason why. I am so proud of you and this amazing company you have created! Thank you for believing in me and my ability to do this. I can’t believe here we are posting and displaying these images. Time flies! What an awesome journey this is… Awesome sauce.

Alrighty… Now por las pinturas! Hope everyone loves them, and if you would like some L&E for yourself, find stores near you here!