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Lenny & Eva “the littles” 2012 line.

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be shooting the retail spread for a national catalog, I might have cried. Seriously, bring me the Kleenex. I get emotional about things when it comes to my pictures. If you’ve shot with me before, you know this. I’m extremely transparent when I get that perfect shot. I will stop shooting and do a toe touch…ha.. I can barely even touch my toes when I’m sitting on the, let’s retract that statement. But you get my point! I love what I do and the clients who ask me to do it.

Anyways, speaking of doing a happy dance for photos. This session makes me wanna kick up my heels and do a twirl. Maybe it’s the little princess in me reaching out. Being around so many of them myself, it kind of made me miss my younger days. I decided to live vicariously through them on this shoot,  and  I left my big girl shoes at the door.

If  you can’t tell already. These girls are super stars. They were excited to be there, and being as open as I am with my emotions: It really, genuinely, made me fall in love with this job all over again. There’s something about getting to make these girls feel like big time models that just made my heart so happy. I know how hard self-confidence can be with young females, and it makes me feel special to be able to affect that in a positive way.

Along with being enthusiastic about the shoot itself, they were even more excited about getting to wear the product. As they should be! Have you seen this stuff? So bright, colorful, fun, and vibrant!! I could go on and on with the adjectives. I was the king of “Mad Lib” as a kid. Don’t cross my mad grammar skills… it could get nasty!

Wanna get one of these pieces for your little?? I’m sure she’d probably love you for it : ) If you’d like to purchase one of these cuffs, check out the Lenny & Eva website for boutiques near you.

Oh!! And what are you doing tomorrow night?

Wanna have another Lenny & Eva date? Meet me here for a post featuring the products for the adult line.

It’s okay.. you can wear your pjs. PJ Party!!!!!!!!



Kellie Fitzpatrick - January 25, 2012 - 3:57 pm

I can say, with total certainty, that hiring Jessie to shoot our catalog was one of the smartest decisions I made this season. She was SOO easy to work with and made my vision come to life. The kiddos loved her, and I love her! Thanks again Jessie!!

Jessie - February 1, 2012 - 9:50 pm

Yay!! Thank YOU Kellie. You rock!

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