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lexie & casey. engagement session.

I think old school tree swings are as near and dear to my heart as a bowl of Captain Crunch and early morning cartoons. They make my day.

I love the feel they give off: just begging you to hop on and take a few glides. They emit everything symbolic of childhood and whimsical relaxation.

I pulled up to Lexie & Casey’s engagement session locale and spotted one front and center. At the risk of looking like a total creepo and frightening the home owners, I waited until my two lovely subjects arrived. When they did, I was obviously just speechless with my love for this place. In the short time between my arrival and theirs, I had scanned the whole scene with ideas just flowing. The flowers. The white picket fence. The red house that seemed to have a personality of its own. And did I mention the swing?!?

Um… Im having a Truman Show moment. Am I on set, here? Where are the cameras? Am I being punk’d?!

It was too perfect to be true. But alas my beautiful blog readers- it was real, and this awesome destination for the session made my heart just flutter as I shot their photos.

These two will be tying the knot very shortly, and I am so happy for them!! They are as sweet as they are adorable, and I’m tickled that I got to photograph this session.

Hope you enjoy their images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Lexie & Casey- Thank you guys! Seriously- so much fun and I’m pumped we got lots of great shots. You two are picture perfect, and I hope you have the most magnificent time on your big day. ♥



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