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little ms. katie

When Mary Jennifer called me to take photos of her little girl, Katie, I could not wait. Mary Jennifer is a friend of mine on Facebook, and her profile picture was of Katie- just cheesin’ it ( so adorable! ) and I could tell this was one happy baby : )

Sure enough when we started snapping photos, this girl could not stop laughing. I LOVED it. I was laughing just as much as her, and it made me smile to see this little lady loving the weather. It was great to play outside with with her and enjoy these first awesome days of spring. I know I know.. I can’t possibly mention the amazing weather outside anymore, can I? I can’t help it!! I’ve been stuck inside all winter with my camera and now I’m frolicking in the grass so happy to have picture perfect weather!! Who-hoo!!

Now for the pictures!! Introducing Little Ms. Katie…


melisss - March 24, 2011 - 5:37 pm

These r great. She is such a doll and such a happy little girl

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