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Liz & Derick: an engagement session down on the farm

I think my days start off best when I get to share engagement sessions with all you beautiful people. Thanks for visiting my blog today! I am always excited when people venture over to flip through some photos and spend a little time with yours truly.

I really can’t believe that 2012 wedding season + all the photo ops that come with it are finally here. Did I pull a Sleeping Beauty and go a little comatose over winter?? It seems to have flown by.. hasn’t it?! I’m totally okay with that because I’m a barefeet & bathing suit kinda gal. Hand me the Hawaiian Tropic. I just can’t wait to get my summertime tan, fun, & sun on. Bring it.

I know that beautiful weather is just waiting around the corner when I start getting to photograph engagement sessions. Liz & Derick’s love-filled shoot marked my second engagement session for 2012. (Anna & Mark had a January e- session that kicked off my wedding season fun this year.  You can check out here!)

All around, e-sessions are some of my favorites. I love my couples, and these mini adventures are always the beginning of a great friendship with my couples. Let’s just say we bond. A lot…like summer camp buddies and old school jungle gym pals. Just knowing that I’ll be there for the most important day of their lives together, reminds me that I’ve got a friend for life. Where’s the broken heart “best friends” necklaces and cool friendship bracelets? Goodies galore.

The best part is (besides the photos, of course) the chats we have in between the shooting.

We talk about their love story. How they met. What was said . Who made the first move that sealed their fate.

We talk about everything and anything. I have some of my favorite conversations with my couples, and Liz and Derick fit the script for one amazing session.

A couple of Sundays ago, I was invited down to the outskirts of Chattanooga, McDonald, TN, to a down-home country farm for Liz & Derick’s engagement session. We’d chatted over the phone, countless emails, and the like. We were You’ve Got Mail  Bffs immediately. Needless to say, I just couldn’t wait to finally meet these two in person.

When we got to their location, got settled, and began shooting, I was smitten after the first click.

Their love was so… easy– carefree & completely mindless. They looked adorable without even thinking. My heart melted all over my new boots…. and I was thinking I would just get them muddy. Sheesh. Covered in cute overload, I got reminded of why I started shooting in the first place.

Sometimes, I feel like couples let me into their lives…. in such a special and private way. There’s a dividing line between the way lovebirds act alone & when they are out in public. PDA is normal but you rarely see couples cuddled up in a corner sealed off in their own little bubble, utterly oblivious of anything and everything around them. For an hour, I get to disappear & see just that.

It’s pretty awesome. I always wanted to fly for my super power, but invisibility is swell, as well.

After looking at the images below, you’ll see exactly what I mean when I talk about Liz & Derick. They had so much fun with this and it shows.

Days like this just can’t be beat. Beautiful weather, amazing location, and two people excited for their wedding day… My goodness, 2012. You’re shaping up quite nicely.

I hope you’ll join me for more blog posts in the future. I’m planning on bringing lots of awesome stuff your way this year & posting like crazy. Say you’ll visit often?? Music to my ears ♥




Charlene Wilson - March 10, 2012 - 9:40 pm

The “farm” belongs to my neighbors, and we have celebrated numerous occasions there. I have watched Liz grow up; her family is very special to me and we call each other “family”. It is wonderful how you have captured the peacefulness of the farm, and the essence of Liz and Derick’s love for each other. Thanks for telling me how to find the photos!
I also loved your blog about the day!

Jessie - March 11, 2012 - 2:07 pm

Thank you for the blog love, Charlene! I fell in love with the area and all the land around it. You live in a very beautiful place. Liz, Derick, and I were chatting about how relaxing it would be to live there. Thank you for keeping up with the photos. I can’t wait til their wedding. Eek! (girly squeal) :)

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