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Melissa Judd

             First off… can I please say that this weather is AWESOME?! I am so excited about summer and all the great photo ops that come with it. Whoo-who! I have been planning to shoot Melissa for a while now, and we just happened to be able to meet up on one of these beautiful days… Not gonna lie, It was chilly but Melissa was down for whatever.

             About this time last year, I made this skirt that I wanted to use in a future photo shoot. During my move to my new apartment, I misplaced the thing and believed it eaten by dust bunnies. (I’m an extremely messy person- it’s totally plausible that there would be dust mites the size of small cats under my couch.. I’m not unclean by any means… just very very busy… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). The other day when I was getting all my summer clothes out, I found it and already had in mind the exact place I wanted to shoot with it. I knew I wanted Melissa to wear it, but since it was so chilly outside I told her we would wait until another day and just take some shots in regular clothes. About 25 minutes into shooting in front of a barn, I broke down and asked her how cold she was… She laughed and said “Not a bit!” Let me tell you, music to my ears. We hurried back to my apartment, and she put on the outfit I had been staring at for about a month now in my closet. She looked awesome in it and I knew she was gonna rock it during the photo shoot.

              Even though there was debris everywhere, she was a trooper and trucked throughout this site like a mountain lion. In moving from one place to another, I warned her : “Hey Melissa, there’s a lot of rusty nails all over the place so be careful.” Literally less than five minutes later, I felt one of those nasty little things spear through my flat and go right into the bottom of my foot. Understandably, I freaked out and couldn’t figure out whether I wanted to laugh or cry at the irony of it. I think Melissa thought I was crazy for a good minute because all I could do was flip flop between those emotions.

               It hurt like the dickens but we finished the shoot. I figured if she was cool with prancing around in this somewhat scandalous ( yet artsy.. ) get up than I could deal with it for a minute. Satellite Med was graced with presence soon after though, and I cried through my tetanus shot like a kid. They didn’t have any suckers or balloons… I was devastated. But the turnout was totally worth it. I had such a blast doing a fashion shoot and I hope to be able to blog with more kinds like this. It was a painful journey… but undoubtedly worth it…I’ll take a random puncture wound in the foot anytime… as long as it’s all in the name of art ( and they have balloons this time… geez..)

Ryan Moody - December 6, 2010 - 3:36 am

These photos are amazing not to mention the amazingly beautiful melissa judd lookin smokin hott in these photos! I need to meet her and the photographer so i can some shots done!

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