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Morgan & Zach | 10.6.12 | Smithville, TN

TGIF! Heck yes. Super stoked and I just can’t take it. Seriously. Give me some Starbuck’s calm tea because I’m about to freak out.

Weekends make me giddy. Maybe it’s the weddings I get to shoot. Maybe it’s the the free rein to kick my shoes off and dance in the grass. Maybe it’s the Sunday mornings spent at Trader Joe’s  (yeah.. so.. just discovered this place. I’m in awe. Where have I been?!). In short, weekends rock and I’m it’s number one fan.

To start this one off by sharing Morgan & Zach’s wedding is perfection.

For starters, I love these two to pieces. It’s their style, I do believe. They’re individuals, and they make no bones about it. Everything about them.. their personalities, their mannerisms, they way the belly laugh at each other when one says something funny – is so similar. You can be around them for 0.5 seconds and know that these  two should (and did!) tie the knot. Morgan and I went to high school together, and when she contacted me about potentially being there with her on her wedding day, I was so excited. I love working with old friends, and it’s even better when I get to meet their soulmates. The deal just got even sweeter, most definitely.

You may remember Morgan & Zach’s cabin + lakeside engagement session. I’ve attached the link to see that below. Click on the image, and experience the e-session love!


Now for the big event… The wedding images! Yes, yes, and yes.

Happy Friday my loves… may all your weekend wishes come true. Barefoot and loving it, I’ll be soakin it up!

Catherine - October 19, 2012 - 10:34 pm

I am speechless, these photos are amazing and I can’t stop looking at them. You have an incredible eye and have captured the essence of the wedding much bettter than my tired mind even remembered from the day.
I can’t thank you enough for this beautiful work and giving us keepsake photos which will forever bring smiles to our family. I look forward to following your work for many, many years.
Congrats Girl and well done!!!

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