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morgan + zach. engagement session.

I pulled up to their chosen location and my face hurt. Why, you ask? Because my jaw was on the ground, and it was painful. JUST KIDDING! But seriously, my mouth was wide open in awe of this place.

Morgan’s father, Tommy Thomas of T. Thomas & Associates, had designed this cabin inside and out- refurbushing it with some of the most awesome antique-y things I have yet to see.  I mean: a “No Vacancy” light-up sign,  a vintage Hurricane Camp neon sign, AND a plethora of old stuff just had my heart fluttering. Hello, photo heaven, I’m so glad to be here…my thoughts exactly.

I think besides photographing these two, getting the initial tour from Tommy was one of the best parts. He showed me each bit of it with a smile of pride that I related to so much- kind of like when I watch couples look through my portfolio in albums on a wedding consultation. This beauty was his creative baby, and I related to him well. Right-brained buddies at first hellos, for sure. I appreciated having this dude around.

Once I got the grand tour and ogled over the barn wood walls and cool vintage fishing poles, I had to stop for a second. Breathe  Jessie, I said to myself. I was overwhelmed. This doesn’t happen to me very often. I am lucky enough to get to shoot in some of the coolest old locations, and I should be used to this by now.

Not gonna lie, I couldn’t get over this place. I was trying to wrap my mind around it while Morgan & Zach stared at me. Think I’m exaggerating? Just ask them. I was in rare form.

I should have warned them! Put me around to many old things, and I just get so tickled I can’t even think straight. They giggled at the look on my face, enjoying my half-dollar sized eyes.

I couldn’t blink.

Is it possible to lose your mind when you get too excited about something? I think that happened, because mine momentarily went M.I.A.

But it returned (thank goodness…how would I explain that one? Sorry guys.. won’t be able to shoot today. Just lost my mind. See ya next week. Yeah right.), and we got to snapping photos.

I wish I could have shown the  full awesomeness that was this spot and given it the justice it rightly deserved, but it would consume a whole blog post with just the wonder of it all.

Morgan & Zach were the center of focus here, and I was loving every minute.  Their Classy Camp turned L.L. Bean e-session, had me smitten. I think my favorite part about developing this business and this style, is that all the couples on my wedding 2012 agenda are right up my alley. They are as laid back and carefree as me, and we most often laugh the whole way through these afternoons.

From beginning in this amazing house to moving down by the water, our session was more of an adventure- a rustic photo love story that celebrated their plans to seal the deal on October 6th.

If the wedding is anything like the couple pictured below, it’s going to be one awesome day.

Can’t wait to see this two say their ” I dos” . Suh-weet beyond belief.

Wanna see more photos of this awesome place? Check them out at  the T. Thomas & Associates website here.

Make sure you’re somewhere carpeted. I’d hate for you to get that chin scuffed up ; ).

Sending the photo love your way, kids. Enjoy!




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