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my pictures.

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it. I love taking pictures. I loved it when I started, but have gotten even more adamant about this medium in the past few years.

I love anything vintage. Clothes, books, buildings. You name it.

I love my props. They’re my new collector’s item. My apartment looks straight out of the TV show Hoarders. Well, the basement at least. When it works its way up to my bedroom, then that’s probably gonna be a red flag.

I love my camera. I’m a Nikon girl all the way. It’s my baby as of now. I can’t decide on a name for it yet though. I’ve been putting this off for a year. I couldn’t decide on anything, so I just keep waiting. Suggestions? Please share.

I like Photoshop, but not enough to stay on it all afternoon. I’m not huge post-production kinda girl. I edit all of my images, but when it comes to over processing, I like my images to look barely touched a natural. Minus the occasional crazy action or preset, I’m a huge fan of the more organic the better.

I like to hang things. From trees or ladders or a rooftop, if it’s stuck in the ground, I’ll make it a backdrop. I use twine daily, and I’m pretty proud of my speed lately. I think I clocked myself at all time fast recently. 5 minutes for a window pane/ frame/ lantern family session backdrop. Holla!

I make 75% percent of the crafted things you see in my pictures. I’m all about being supa savvy on a budget, so crafting is one of my favorite hobbies. From wrapping old wine bottles in fabric to using old scarves to amp up a session, I’m all about a little D.I.Y.

I’m all about getting down and dirty to shoot a session. Let’s see here, I’ve fallen off the front of an old pick up truck, stepped on a rusty nail, and climbed onto a roof after a winter-y monsoon rain. If I asked my client to get in the water on her trash the dress session, I’m hopping in there with her. Where you go, I go. Nothing like a little adventure time together : )

I’m huge fan of candids. The end.

I love to drive around and find cool places with my clients. No matter who they are, a little music with the windows down is always a good way to bond.

I love sharing what I see. Facebook and blog posts are my thing. If you have a session with me, you’re sure to see yourself on here!

I love music almost as much as I love pictures.  Definitely a must for sessions when I can swing it.

I’ll never rule out an option unless it’s impossible. Oh, what’s that you say? You want a picture from above while I stand on that creaky ladder? Ok : ) I’ll try anything for a good picture.

What’s all this got to do with my pictures? Question is : What doesn’t it have to do with them?

A good picture if more than just about that one perfect moment. It’s about the time before and after. The planning and the perfecting. It’s more than just a split second. It’s a whole week’s worth of communicating and brainstorming wrapped into one.


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