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Next Day Slideshows!

        The past few weeks have been a multitude of brainstorming sessions for me, there’s a million post it notes decorating my apartment and at least ten yellow legal pads chocked full of messy handwriting and unfinished thoughts. And poor BD over here is my go-to guy for unloading a day’s worth of ideas. He tries to keep up. He nods and smiles. I think he’s listening. Who knows he probably has a chip implanted in his ear that picks up signals from Sportscenter. At least he’s smiling, it makes me feel like my ideas are worth $1,000,000. Good boyfriend.

         So here lately, I’ve been wanting to add a modern flare on my photo posting and publishing methods. I’ve just boarded the blogging boat here recently in attempts to branch out  of Facebook and give my Journalism degree a run for it’s money, … you mean I’m actually putting it to use?!?!.. Finally! All you recent grads can sympathize with me, I’m sure.  I’ve really enjoyed straying away from solely posting photos, and  beginning to really explain where I’m coming from and what I had in mind for a session, as well as what’s ahead in my journey as a photographer.

           I’m trying to step out onto another branch and bring in this Next Day Slideshow project for all my future brides.  It’s not something new to the photography industry. Actually it’s already widely used by all sorts of photogs- from wedding to family portraits to everything in between. I’m especially excited about doing this for my brides because I know how tough those weeks following the wedding are to wait for photos. Now, brides will be able to see the best 35-40 images that represent the story of their day.. less than 24 hours after their ceremony!

          In the fast-moving internet age we live in, instant gratification is of the norm, and I knew this would be one of those special opportunities to give back to my wonderful brides and their families, by allowing them to experience their day all over again almost immediately : ) This coming from the kid who had to drink Pepto every Christmas Eve because I got so unbelievably enthusiastic about that morning that I would literally make myself sick in the process. So trust me, I know how hard it is to wait.  

               I included an example at the end of this post that features Katie and Jonathan McCall. This 2010 wedding was also featured in Tulle, and I’m so excited to be able to use their pictures again as an example for this new project. I loved putting together this slideshow.. and I loved the new dimension music has offered. You mean another creative outlet for me to dabble in and make my brides happy simultaneously? Yes, please! 

               To check out the slideshow click here!      

Katie & Jon: Thanks for being my poster children for my photo business.. you guys rock and I’m so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to work with you both.. : ) 

                                                                                        –  jessie

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