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noelle gray+ian smith 6.4.11 {wedding}

She called me in the beginning. Not the very beginning, but this lady scooped me up pretty early on in this  photo journey. She’s a photo taker herself, and I don’t think we could get along any better. She’s a vintage freak too, need I say more? Yes, we’re pretty much perfect for each other.

Almost as perfect as her and Ian. June 4, 2011 marked the day that these two started this lifelong journey together. The VERY beginning you say? These two have been been dating since 2009, and it’s easy to see why they’re finally tying the knot.

They’re like TV perfect. No, seriously… they are like straight of the commercials. Yup. You heard me, they’re one of those happy commecial couples. Literally, no actors here. These two are glowing real life internet daters turned husband and wife. This the real thing I thought as I watch them laughing and giggling in front of a hidden, spy like video camera. Well, without the video. Replace it with my Nikon. Cut the sneakiness, replace it with me, not inconspicously in the least mind you, photographing their session. I felt like I was watching a 30 second television spot come to life. It. was. awesome.

I think that’s one of my favorite parts about my couples. Always from different places and on different paths, it’s amazing to me how two people can meet somewhere in the middle and merge their lives. I love it . It’s so enlightening, and I constantly feel like I’m learning something. Whether it’s about my clients or where they come from or what they love or who they love :) It just makes my day.

After meeting and hitting it off, Noelle and Ian were on their way.  Laid back and stress free, these two are as carefree as they come. At one point during the reception, they played that shoe game thing. It’s the one where the bride and groom sit back to back and hold up the shoe pertaining to the person who the comment identifies. So, if the DJ said Person most likely to _____, then Ian would hold up Noelle’s shoe and Noelle would hold up her shoe. Still with me?

At one point during this game, the DJ announce Person most likely to start a fight, and with backs turned, they both just sat there. No shoes held up, no pointing fingers. Then I hear a big laugh from their friends and families sitting in the audience and a roar from their bridal party: They never fight! followed by rolling belly laughs. Wow I thought to myself. I really am in a commerical right now.

I’m so glad I got to be there to photograph their engagement session, and to be along for all of Noelle’s vintage planning. Seriously, I think I almost cried when I walked up to the venue. Imagine it, big bulb light strands criss crossing the reception, vintage book centerpieces, and old sewing table for the cake. Throw in some perfect vintage furniture, and you have one very snap happy lady. That’s me!

The wedding was in Manchester, TN and Ian’s parents’ home provided for a lovely, intimate sunset wedding to be followed by a dance party at the reception. With beautiful weather and  some good company, this wedding was a fun free for all. From amazing toasts by the bridal party to good tunes and yummy eats, this occasion was definitely one to remember. The best part? There’s plenty of pictures : )

Oh yeah, you know I have to share the potential famous couple we will all see one day on those too-good-to-be-true commercials..

Noelle+ Ian- Holy macaroni! Can’t believe you are married :) It’s been quite the journey with you two, and I feel so lucky to have watched this wedding come full circle from the ground up. Thanks for inviting me and my camera into your home. You both have amazing families, and I was so glad to enjoy he day with you both. Congratulations!


Wanna see their slideshow? Check it out here.

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