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one day until the big day!

Oh me oh my. Can’t believe how fast this trip has flown by… In about 24 hours my big brother will be getting married. Whoa. I have loved how the festivities have just started rolling in. This morning we had a bridal shower for Laura, and tonight is the big rehearsal dinner. SO love weddings. It doesn’t matter if I am shooting them or what- it’s been so great to get to spend the week with these two and enjoy celebrating this huge event with them. I love couples in love. It makes my heart happy.

Well, I’m rocking it out with blogging everyday. So far so good, and yes it seems to be working towards my purpose. It’s so so good to be writing again, and I am totally loving this challenge. Suh-weet. Unfortunately pictures may not be posted until I get back- there is just way too many to post and I have so much to share! So please excuse, and photographs of this stellar trip will be posted up as soon as I get back. All the details about this little vaca? Yes more to come with pictures. I find myself unusually detached from my computer while I have been down here. At home, I live on the thing. I figured it would be even more so in Florida because I’d want to be posting, posting, posting! But to no avail, the weather is just too beautiful to sit indoors, and I find myself shooting much more than posting- for the moment at least. But all this will change when I hop in the car to return to C-ville. Picture editing extravaganza!! Now off to get ready for rehearsal and of course, take some pictures : )


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