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Bonnie & Wes. Anniversary Session.

Another anniversary session on the ole bloggity blog today! I love getting to work with couples who are celebrating their anniversaries. Whether it’s on the very day they wed or 6 months after, I just think it’s super sweet when spouses wanna get all romantic and lovey dovey for some photos on their special day.

I wanted to highlight these sessions in the blog, because I know many of you ladies want some pictures with your hubs or boyfriend.  Anniversary sessions are very similar to engagement session in that they are meant for just the two of you & they are an afternoon centered around what makes you both so awesome for each other: the fact that you’re in love! Oh, and celebrating how long the two of you have put up with each other is a pretty awesome reason to get some photos taken. haha Argh! Men! So tough to deal with, but so great to have around.

This isn’t just for married couples either! This is for ALL couples. I don’t think that only those who are getting married should be the only peeps sharing the romantic photo love. Whether you’ve been married for 10 years or dating for 2, it’s time to get some good photos together.

Being in love is worth celebrating. So let’s party..

Wanna get more information on these types of sessions & what they include? Shoot me an email!

Since we are all about discussing the fabulousness of these anniversary  session, let’s look at some pictures from Bonnie & Wes’s anniversary session…

These two are SO perfect for each other, and their laid back love of life and one another made me feel super special to be there for this big shoot. Their passion for each other  is apparent and completely adored (by me!). What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic… ready to “aww” at every couple in heartbeat.

Watch out, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I fall for these types of sessions like 24/7. Sooooooo… if you’re needing a reason to romp in nature and love on your boo, call me : ) I like spending time with couples and taking pretty pictures. I think we’ll be good friends!



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Emilee & Darren.

Babies!!!!!!!! I am so in love with maternity sessions. Not only because it’s an AWESOME reason to take photos, but also because it’s the beginning of an amazing journey. I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate a new life than to document all  the moments leading up to the big day.

These two are super special to me because they actually came to my mini sessions a while back to get some photos taken. So, when Emilee got in touch with me last fall about scheduling her maternity in January. I was so happy for them!! It’s so cool to see couples start a family together.

We shot this session in Emilee’s grandmother’s old house. If any of you are avid blog followers, you will know places like this are so swoon-worthy to me. Like grab the smelling salts stat, I could faint over such beauty in one place. From the amazing afternoon window light to the beautiful teal colored walls in the hallway, I was in heaven.

It’s so rare that you can find such an old house in such great condition. Oh don’t worry, I was commenting every 5 seconds on how awesome this place was and if these two didn’t already know how much I <3 everything antique-y. Well, now they do.

I’m lovin’ the images from Emilee & Darren’s session! It was a good thing we shot it when we did, because little RJ was delivered soon after! Holy cow talk about timing! That’s one cool dude right there… waiting until the pictures are over until he makes his debut. That’s my kinda guy. : )


Lenny & Eva 2012 catalog shoot.

Another Lenny & Eva catalog blog post coming your way, and I’m just as excited to share this one with you guys. Just looking at these photos from a warm September afternoon makes me anxious for summer and flip flops to get here! I need to lay poolside like asap, but I can wait a few more months. I’ll just live vicariously through all the pretty green nature in these images!

I can’t possibly begin to tell you how much I LOVE all of the 2012 products. If you want to see all the new goodness for Lenny & Eva ladies, check out their new website! You will fall in love, too. : )

I could not have gotten these images by myself. I have some thank you’s to hand out…

Bethany- My love, I wouldn’t have been able to set up and style this session without you. Your artsy vision and fun-loving attitude completely put me at ease and made for one amazing session. Everything you brought for the shoot was perfect! I love the cigar box guitar and the patchwork pillow. You have eternally reserved a little special place in my heart. It has your name written all over it. Thank you babe. xo

Erica, Kelsey, and Megan- Holy cow. You girls ROCKED it. ( and you too, aaron!) For reals… like totally lost my mind editing these images. Could you three be anymore awesome? Don’t think so. I loved your outfits, your hair, and the way you modeled the product. I hope you all love the photos!

Sam- My hair queen, where do I begin? We’ve chatted back and forth about working together before this shoot, and I’m so glad you agreed to help us with this. You took mine & Kellie’s vision and made it come alive… like get out the hammer. Nail hit. On the head. Need I go on? You rocked it. You’re amazing at what you do. I love your gypsy-like styling out of the car on the tree farm. Snuggle up with Bethany, you have a little home in this ole heart of mine too. <3

and Kellie- Wow. What an amazing thing you have created. I feel so lucky to be working alongside someone whose creativity is so contagious. Everything took such a huge turn when you took me on to help, and I know you are a huge reason why. I am so proud of you and this amazing company you have created! Thank you for believing in me and my ability to do this. I can’t believe here we are posting and displaying these images. Time flies! What an awesome journey this is… Awesome sauce.

Alrighty… Now por las pinturas! Hope everyone loves them, and if you would like some L&E for yourself, find stores near you here!



Autumn Curtis. Rock the Dress.

Hey all you 2012 brides: Whatcha doing this weekend? I’m going to go ahead and guess that crossing off the planning to-do list is somewhere on the agenda. That’s awesome! I do love to watch you ladies bring together such awesome, romantic events. It’s so cool to get to see it all come together.

I wanted to bring you all a little white gown love to get those planning ideas a-churnin’. Plus, it’s just fun to see bridal pictures and think about your own day that’s coming around the corner! Soon, you’ll be rocking that gown of yours and sashaying down the aisle. Pretty girl ; )

With all the invites, and vendor meetings, and timeline scheduling.. it seems like the madness may never stop. No worries, my love! Wedding planning is a horse of a different color, and it’s quite the endeavor to take on. But what were you supposed to say?! I mean, he was on his knee looking at you like that.. I think YES!! is the only answer that came to mind haha.. which is so amazing. How great it feels to be starting a new chapter in your life and on the arm of that hunk of yours at that.. what could be better?….Cake tastings… Grr… my stomach is rumbling. Forgive my momentary brain lapse. Nothing could be better than that I mean!! I’m breaking for a grilled cheese…..

Annnnnd I’m back.

So let’s talk about this stormy Rock the Dress session that simply stole my heart. Autumn is married to a high school friend of mine (What’s up, Josh!). He played high school basketball with my man, BD, who was in the wedding so I got to go to their wedding, too.

They were married at Aerial in downtown Nashville. When I say downtown, I mean DOWNTOWN… like look right up at the Bell South Tower downtown. Needless to say,  I was drooling all over myself at the wedding fabulousness that was their day. Trust me, even though I didn’t have my camera, I took enough mental pictures to make a small album for these two. I just couldn’t get enough of it.

When we talked about doing a Rock the Dress for Autumn after her wedding day, I was super stoked. Why? Because when brides ask me to shoot these after their day is over, it means we can get so super fun with posing and the creativity of it all. Most brides are okay with getting their dress a little dirty for the sake of photos. I mean,  the ceremony is already over.. might as well rock that thing! And she did : )

We met up in Manchester, TN. If you know me, I’m a solid festival goer and I love barefeet and dancing on dirt paths to watch the music. I loved going to Bonnaroo these past few years, and getting to be in Manchester again was cool. Not only because of all the fond memories, but because I saw these awesome concrete structures on the way into the festival this summer and swore I’d come back for pictures one day. And I did : )

Life kind of rocks when it comes full circle.




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