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krista sims+matt tylka 6.18.11 {wedding}

I think I first first hit it off with Krista and Matt during their wedding consultation. We had discussed specifics about their day, talked about their story as a couple, and the conversation meandered to the plans for their engagement session.

Krista and Matt began telling me about this vintage theme they were wanting with old glass Coke bottles, antiques, and an AWESOME car that would serve as the backdrop for one of my favorite engagement photos thus far.

Yup. They are that cute. I love this image.

Speaking of cars, these two met 7 years ago when Matt sold Krista her first car. Matt says he doesn’t remember that, but Krista will tell you she remembers it perfectly. She reminisced like a woman decades into her marriage, and recounted the day- she swears he was the cutest thing she had ever seen. When they met up again 6 years later, this fairy tale romance began.

She says they’re old souls together.

They love vintage. The cars. The movies. The clothes.

They get lost in laughter.

I got to watch the world fade away around them during their engagement shoot and even more so with their wedding day.

It’s a strange thing when it happens. One minute, I’m easing a couple into poses or bouncing ideas around of the next cool shot when I notice that they’re completely wrapped up in one another. *Click. I don’t exist. *Click. They share that moment. *Click. Perfect.

I am watching my couples fall in love. No matter how many times I see it happen, it honestly just keeps getting better. These two were no exception.

I’m so excited for the both of them. It’s amazing journey ahead, and so many picture perfect moments to have together.

Krista and Matt- You two are so stinkin cute :) What an awesome wedding adventure we’ve had together! Dennis, the car, the ladder, the Greyhound station, and the time Krista jumped out and almost gave me a heart attack (WHILE I WAS DRIVING! :) ). You guys are awesome and I’m so thrilled I got to be there to watch you two tie the knot! Congratulations!


Mckenzie Dickson {senior}

Driving back home from this session, Mckenzie, Berk (her sister), and I laughed and laughed. We were lost. I mean lost. We got so amped up about all the awesome photo ops we were getting that we went straight when we should have turned ( the specifics of this are still cloudy ). The point being, we got all mixed up.

Okay, okay. I’ll admit it…Berk told me to turn but I assured her I knew where I was. What? I did! I swear I thought I was direction savvy. My iPhone saved the day- Google Maps to the rescue!

Honestly, for as much fun as we had, getting lost was so worth it. There’s some kind of spontaneity that comes out of searching for locations in new places. We actually ended up finding our last location from getting lost. The photos of the lampshades in the field with those blues and purples are some of my favorites from this session.

I told Mckenzie and Berk that everything happens for a reason and we got lost just to find this awesome field. I mainly was comforting myself and my bruised ego about being a driving queen. But nonetheless, an awesome location..

These two ladies were a blast to work with. I actually met Berk through a high school friend, and they got married not too long ago ( yay for lovebirds! ). So, when Berk messaged me about  taking her little sister’s senior photos, I could not be more excited.

Solo sessions were actually some of my first sessions when I started shooting. I love working with girls one and one. It has such an editorial vibe, and I can always be super creative. I find that all of my senior clients say this to me at the beginning of their shoot : Yeah, so… I’m pretty much up for anything. Just let me know.

They crawl on top of roofs, they take chances at poison ivy, and they go on adventures with me.

I must admit, right now I feel like a pretty lucky girl to be working with such awesome people.

Berk and Mckenzie- It’s finally here!! The blog post is up, and I am so excited for you two to check these out. Please share them with your mom : ) I’m excited for her to see them, too..Congrats on being a senior, Mack : ) You are going to have one awesome year!


Amy Hobbs - July 18, 2011 - 11:02 pm

Beautiful pictures Jessie! They just keep getting better and better! :)

Jessie - July 18, 2011 - 11:21 pm

Thanks Amy! I appreciate your feedback :) I’m glad you are reading the blog!

Berkley Dickson - July 19, 2011 - 2:46 am

Okay these are amazing Jessie, maybe I’m a little bias but this girl is beautiful :)

Jessie - July 28, 2011 - 4:34 pm

Berk! You are too sweet : ) and no – not bias one bit!

Amy+Tyler 7.9.11 {slideshow}

So excited to post the slideshow from this past Saturday’s wedding : ) Congratulations to Amy and Tyler!!!

I hope you two can relive your day all over again by watching this. You lovebirds are adorable.


click on the photo below to view their slideshow!

Fansler {family}

I don’t think I could possibly be loving this weather any more. Here I am, posting away and completely flabbergasted that it’s the middle of summer. I have looked forward to this all winter, and I’m so stoked it’s here. I know it’s just blazin’ hot out there, but oh how I love the South : ) It just gets me so supa pumped about all  these pictures.


I’m excited to post the photos from the Fansler’s family session. Yeah, they’re pretty much adorable. I don’t think there’s much else to say…

Just Kidding! There’s plenty to say about these 5. That’s Travis, and Krystle, and Trav Jr., and Kinsley, and Maisie. Armed with bug spray and plenty of props we ventured into the beautiful, picture-perfect nature scene that embodies a good Southern summer… *sigh* it’s a sweet-tea-in-a-mason-jar-on-the-front-porch-in-my-rocking-chair kind of day.

Photographing families in the summer reminds me of when I was a kid. I love it. Have to say it, watching kids play on these sessions while they get a break is awesome. I think one day, I may just throw my shoes off and start gallavanting around these session locations with them.

Everybody needs a good play time every now and again- no matter what age you are. Words of Wisdom. I know.. watch out for those, they come when you least expect em!

You know, I bring BD along often times to help me hang stuff I couldn’t do solo, carry heavier props, or just to be my right-wing man. Not to brag here ladies, but he’s gotten plenty of compliments on his caring boyfriend qualities. I know, right? Cue the Awwww-ing.

It wasn’t until I brought him along to several of my family/ child sessions did I realize, he served a greater purpose! I swear, he’s like a child whisperer. They get a kick out of him. I mean, wow. I think it’s his beard. But either way, he paves the way for me to get some awesome candids. Kinsley took quite the liking to him , and that lady finally started smiling for me : ) So adorable…

Krystle and Trav- What a beautiful family you both have : ) I have an absolute blast with you 5. Congratulations on Ms. Maisie!!



krystle - July 15, 2011 - 1:52 am

love this :)

Kellie - July 15, 2011 - 2:38 am

Awesome photos Jess! Trav and his family are absolutely adorable! Congrats, guys on your new addition!!

Jessie - July 18, 2011 - 11:22 pm

Thank you for checking it out, Kel :) They are a gorgeous family- so adorable!

noelle gray+ian smith 6.4.11 {wedding}

She called me in the beginning. Not the very beginning, but this lady scooped me up pretty early on in this  photo journey. She’s a photo taker herself, and I don’t think we could get along any better. She’s a vintage freak too, need I say more? Yes, we’re pretty much perfect for each other.

Almost as perfect as her and Ian. June 4, 2011 marked the day that these two started this lifelong journey together. The VERY beginning you say? These two have been been dating since 2009, and it’s easy to see why they’re finally tying the knot.

They’re like TV perfect. No, seriously… they are like straight of the commercials. Yup. You heard me, they’re one of those happy commecial couples. Literally, no actors here. These two are glowing real life internet daters turned husband and wife. This the real thing I thought as I watch them laughing and giggling in front of a hidden, spy like video camera. Well, without the video. Replace it with my Nikon. Cut the sneakiness, replace it with me, not inconspicously in the least mind you, photographing their session. I felt like I was watching a 30 second television spot come to life. It. was. awesome.

I think that’s one of my favorite parts about my couples. Always from different places and on different paths, it’s amazing to me how two people can meet somewhere in the middle and merge their lives. I love it . It’s so enlightening, and I constantly feel like I’m learning something. Whether it’s about my clients or where they come from or what they love or who they love :) It just makes my day.

After meeting and hitting it off, Noelle and Ian were on their way.  Laid back and stress free, these two are as carefree as they come. At one point during the reception, they played that shoe game thing. It’s the one where the bride and groom sit back to back and hold up the shoe pertaining to the person who the comment identifies. So, if the DJ said Person most likely to _____, then Ian would hold up Noelle’s shoe and Noelle would hold up her shoe. Still with me?

At one point during this game, the DJ announce Person most likely to start a fight, and with backs turned, they both just sat there. No shoes held up, no pointing fingers. Then I hear a big laugh from their friends and families sitting in the audience and a roar from their bridal party: They never fight! followed by rolling belly laughs. Wow I thought to myself. I really am in a commerical right now.

I’m so glad I got to be there to photograph their engagement session, and to be along for all of Noelle’s vintage planning. Seriously, I think I almost cried when I walked up to the venue. Imagine it, big bulb light strands criss crossing the reception, vintage book centerpieces, and old sewing table for the cake. Throw in some perfect vintage furniture, and you have one very snap happy lady. That’s me!

The wedding was in Manchester, TN and Ian’s parents’ home provided for a lovely, intimate sunset wedding to be followed by a dance party at the reception. With beautiful weather and  some good company, this wedding was a fun free for all. From amazing toasts by the bridal party to good tunes and yummy eats, this occasion was definitely one to remember. The best part? There’s plenty of pictures : )

Oh yeah, you know I have to share the potential famous couple we will all see one day on those too-good-to-be-true commercials..

Noelle+ Ian- Holy macaroni! Can’t believe you are married :) It’s been quite the journey with you two, and I feel so lucky to have watched this wedding come full circle from the ground up. Thanks for inviting me and my camera into your home. You both have amazing families, and I was so glad to enjoy he day with you both. Congratulations!


Wanna see their slideshow? Check it out here.