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say yes to the sesh: engagements rock

4 a.m.

The Cranberries’ “Dreams” just came on Pandora. The music gods must have seen my office light switch on.

A sweet kind of Saturday morning. (insert smiley emoticons x infinity)

It’s SATURDAY?! What am I doing up and why aren’t the cartoons on? Where are my p.j.s with the built-in footies and my giant bowl of Captain Crunch? I do love Saturdays.

As awesome as this throwback to my childhood sounds, I have better plans, and there’s no way Dora could top them.

The big plans on my agenda today? I’ve got a sunrise engagement session, and I can’t wait…. hence the lack of sleeping thing. When I get tickled to pieces, my body says saynora to R.E.M and hey, good lookin’ to York Peppermint Pattie coffee creamer.

Oh yeah, baby. Sippin’ on that good stuff right now.

I laid in bed at three this morning, and contemplated whether or not to just get up. There was no way I was snoozing again, so I threw my feet over and began moving & grooving to start my day.

I had an idea, and I wanted to share it with you guys. My pumped-upness about these kinds of sessions needed some explaining. (Luuuuuccccyyyyyyyyyy, you’ve got some splanin’ to do!!!)

Yes, proverbial Desis. I do have some very special somethings to tell.

My post today revolves around my love for my clients, their engagement sessions, and why the outcome of these shoots makes my job as their wedding photographer even sweeter. For clients and rising photographers alike, this post is geared toward sharing what I do and why in pre-wedding day work.

For my current & future  el clientes: It’s about shining some light on why I encourage engagements,and their sole purpose in developing excitement for your big day.

For all my aspiring picture snappers: It’s about learning your couple just as well as your camera- they are equally important when it comes to being a successful portrait photog and should each be given just as much attention.

Ok, lovely people. Hop aboard my blog sailboat and let’s take a ride. It’s such a pretty day and the water’s fine…. time to relax and enjoy a good read. I like to call this little entry:

Why Engagements Rock My Face Off & Why You Should Faceless with Me.


Chapter 1: The beginning of why

When I first began shooting weddings, engagements were not something I included in my packages. I thought of them simply as a luxury – a simple  decision couples made.

They wanted one or they didn’t. It was that easy.

It’s not that I didn’t care, because if you’ve worked with me you know I am very involved with my clients. They are great friends, and I have wonderful relationships with all of them.

It’s just that I understood that everyone’s day is different, and so is what they want for it. I just viewed their decision towards an e-session to be just another facet to making their day completely theirs.

Then something started… changing.

I began shooting more engagements, and somehow these wonderful set rose-colored glasses were given to me.

I wasn’t just shooting an engagement. I wasn’t just customizing the wedding day options for my client. I definitely wasn’t just snapping another set of photos for a lovely couple.

These were their photos. This couple’s symbol of where they’ve been, what they’ve overcame, and why they have one hell of a reason to celebrate: THEY’RE IN LOVE!

I think too many photographers can get in a routine. They shoot because they’re hired, and run through the motions of a pre and actual wedding day. This is not to take jabs at anyone. It happens. Just as with any profession, habits and normalcy develop and it’s easy to fall into the motions.

Time to do a little jig and shake out our limbs. Just as I mentioned in a previous posts, all my clients are different and so is their love. Like lots of summer snowflakes, these people who choose to get to know me and ask me to photograph their day already have a place in my heart.

They value my work, and I should do just the same with learning their love story. It’s a very important piece of the wedding day puzzle that can’t go without getting in line.

Just think of it as one of those super important corner pieces.


Chapter 2: The shoot. The love. The stories.

To encourage couples to opt for engagement sessions, I decided to include them in my collections this year. While there are other options available if they choose not to do an e-session, they come highly recommended. However, there is a level of respect important to following the couple’s unique wishes for her day, and I completely adhere to any requests they  may have for their day.

If they ask my advice? I’ll say e-session all the way, dudes with a big  grin.

My bias may show, but the reasons are so worth my emotional inclination.

When couples show up for an engagement, they’re giddy. Like kids they look at one another and laugh in the beginning, not sure of what to do or whose hand should go where. It’s this initial fumble that has me falling in love with their affection for one another.

It’s this playfulness that begins a story for me. These awesome pages open up- details of their firsts (first meeting, first date, and first impressions) slowly unravel. The impressions part is my favorite. We all know how important those are, but hearing them from a couple who is soon to be wed puts even more weight on the topic.

A soulmate is forever and so is the first thought of them.

The recollections are always accompanied with nostalgic smiles, sideways glances, and interruptions in sentences only to be followed with their completion (or correction!) from the other.

Yes, yes, and more YES! I can’t get enough of this back and forth chattiness.

Sometimes we don’t talk much about the past, but often times about the present: their shared passions, their favorite ways to spend the afternoon, and why their day is just gonna rock.

If anything is for certain, it’s that I’ll never experience the same engagement session twice. This is the main reason I freakin’ love shooting them. It makes my job so fun, different, and so extra-specially awesome.

Extra-specially? Yes. I just said that. Whoa…. easy caffeine. I knew you gave me super powers, but other worldly abilities to recreate new words? Nice.


Chapter 3: The answer is in the reaction.

The explanation for my e-session encouragement is something that’s difficult to verbalize and nearly impossible to fully communicate.

Because it’s seen.

Purely visual, and real, and every ounce of amazing to watch.

It’s that Oh my God, I can’t believe we’re doing this. We’re really doing this..Holy cow, we’re doing this! look they give each other. I can’t explain it really, and every couple is different.

Sometimes it’s in the beginning of the session.. sometimes in the end…sometimes when we’re saying our goodbyes.

And sometimes it’s when we’ve already parted, and they think I’m not looking. Those are my favorite.

It seems like when you get engaged you begin on a roller coaster ride of planning, and prepping, and picking (Good grief, the picking! The choices!). You move from one thing to the next, or you just dog paddle around in a sea of stuff, always concentrating on what’s to be done and what’s left to do.

You complete. You check off. You begin the next thing.

Sound familiar?

You don’t get much time to stop and smell the roses, unless you happen to be making a decision about floral arrangements.

Your head becomes filled with planning and the seemingly endless tasks you need to accomplish.

That’s why I make you stop. Or… I suppose these sessions make you stop.

For just a couple of hours. For just an afternoon. For just a moment or two, you can get swept up in the whole reason you’re doing all this. The purpose behind all of your current chaos is this guy who’s sitting across from you in the grass in the middle of nowhere.

For just a while, it’s okay to let go of it all. It’s perfectly fine to quit pressuring yourself and your beau, and it’s only important to just enjoy the moment. That’s why you’re here in the first place- to breathe, to laugh, to feel so overwhelmed with love that your little heart could just pop.

You’re welcome ; ). You looked like you needed an afternoon like that. is what I think when I leave these sessions. It’s this woo-sah moment that makes me never question my decision to be an advocate of such wonderful photo sessions.

Say yes to the sesh. Most definitely.

Now for some images best displaying my words of e-session love above…





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morgan + zach. engagement session.

I pulled up to their chosen location and my face hurt. Why, you ask? Because my jaw was on the ground, and it was painful. JUST KIDDING! But seriously, my mouth was wide open in awe of this place.

Morgan’s father, Tommy Thomas of T. Thomas & Associates, had designed this cabin inside and out- refurbushing it with some of the most awesome antique-y things I have yet to see.  I mean: a “No Vacancy” light-up sign,  a vintage Hurricane Camp neon sign, AND a plethora of old stuff just had my heart fluttering. Hello, photo heaven, I’m so glad to be here…my thoughts exactly.

I think besides photographing these two, getting the initial tour from Tommy was one of the best parts. He showed me each bit of it with a smile of pride that I related to so much- kind of like when I watch couples look through my portfolio in albums on a wedding consultation. This beauty was his creative baby, and I related to him well. Right-brained buddies at first hellos, for sure. I appreciated having this dude around.

Once I got the grand tour and ogled over the barn wood walls and cool vintage fishing poles, I had to stop for a second. Breathe  Jessie, I said to myself. I was overwhelmed. This doesn’t happen to me very often. I am lucky enough to get to shoot in some of the coolest old locations, and I should be used to this by now.

Not gonna lie, I couldn’t get over this place. I was trying to wrap my mind around it while Morgan & Zach stared at me. Think I’m exaggerating? Just ask them. I was in rare form.

I should have warned them! Put me around to many old things, and I just get so tickled I can’t even think straight. They giggled at the look on my face, enjoying my half-dollar sized eyes.

I couldn’t blink.

Is it possible to lose your mind when you get too excited about something? I think that happened, because mine momentarily went M.I.A.

But it returned (thank goodness…how would I explain that one? Sorry guys.. won’t be able to shoot today. Just lost my mind. See ya next week. Yeah right.), and we got to snapping photos.

I wish I could have shown the  full awesomeness that was this spot and given it the justice it rightly deserved, but it would consume a whole blog post with just the wonder of it all.

Morgan & Zach were the center of focus here, and I was loving every minute.  Their Classy Camp turned L.L. Bean e-session, had me smitten. I think my favorite part about developing this business and this style, is that all the couples on my wedding 2012 agenda are right up my alley. They are as laid back and carefree as me, and we most often laugh the whole way through these afternoons.

From beginning in this amazing house to moving down by the water, our session was more of an adventure- a rustic photo love story that celebrated their plans to seal the deal on October 6th.

If the wedding is anything like the couple pictured below, it’s going to be one awesome day.

Can’t wait to see this two say their ” I dos” . Suh-weet beyond belief.

Wanna see more photos of this awesome place? Check them out at  the T. Thomas & Associates website here.

Make sure you’re somewhere carpeted. I’d hate for you to get that chin scuffed up ; ).

Sending the photo love your way, kids. Enjoy!




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our park play date.

We set the day.

Marking our calendars and checking the weather, this was important beyond belief. We had plans. The big occasion ? We were having a picnic date and yours truly was tickled to pieces.

If you know me personally, you know I’m a work-aholic. I stay up too late and drink waaayyyy too much coffee. I love my french press as though it were my own prized set of keys to a world of productivity and completion. And don’t even get me started on the selection of coffee creamers at Kroger. I could go on for hours..

I had prepared myself for this big date picnic for days. Shuffling through emails and flying through my to-do list like nobody’s business. I edited photos and filed them away with lightning speed. And as always, my coffee consumption was at an all-time high.


My motivation?

This dude…



(So, I just could not help myself in adding this photo. This is the VERY first picture I ever took of BD with my new pro camera. See that old logo? Yup, from the VERY beginning of my business. So awesome.)

He’s been there since my photo biz’s very first start…

This is the guy who sat on the couch behind me while I edited countless sessions on the coffee table during our movie night. This is the guy who arrived early with me to hang picture frames from branches before a session. This is the guy who listens to my talk about  every last success and failure when it comes to pictures.

Sappy? I hope not. But if so, that’s totally okay with me.

He listens to me talk about work more so than any significant other should rightly have to. I talk. A lot. I talk about wanting to talk about something. I blame it on the coffee.

The point being… I needed to stop. Stop producing. Stop moving. Stop running at a speed of 101 mph. At this pace, I would wake up in 5 years and wonder where all the time went. I needed to stop and smell the roses, or in our case– dogwood trees.

It was a park kinda day, and I was superbly happy. I had my to-do list tucked away neatly under the right corner of my computer. It’s completion was noted with big toothy smily face at the bottom. As I grabbed our things to walk out the door, I looked at it and laughed. My drawn art really stinks.

The day was perfect. Huge cumulus clouds decorated the sky like fluffy cotton balls. They were so whimsically wonderful that I wished I could catapult a million miles and lounge on one for the afternoon.

We laid out our blanket and stared at the most beautiful Great Dane I have yet to see. The owner said this pretty pup was of the Euro kind and only 2 years old, but of course this giant breed of a dog was massive. I have wanted one of these beauties for many years now. I still promise myself that one day, when I’m ready, I’ll have one of my own.


One day.


We watched at this Great Dane  towered over the child who tagged along with his parents while the four of them had their own little park play date.

Sometimes I people watch. Well, I people watch a lot. I can’t help it. I freakin’ love it. If BD and I people watch together, he’ll usually pull out one of his many accents and tell me what’s going on. In most cases, I think he’s right.

So we were people watching. Staring. In complete silence.

He didn’t comment with one of his comedic accents.

Their dialogue a mystery to us both.

We didn’t talk for a while.

I spoke first, Isn’t it weird to watch people and feel like they’re living out a life you’d imagined for yourself?

The family, the dog, the picture perfect day. The huge clouds and the urgency to do absolutely nothing but enjoy spending their time together.

He grabbed my hand, It’s okay, babe. We’ll get there.

I think there’s something about growing up and figuring out your life. For me personally, it’s a big fat question mark. I’m pursuing a passion and hoping people will want my images for their own. I’m developing a style in my work that I love… and just hoping others love it too. I am fueling my creative juices and photographing couples in questionable places– dilapidated houses and the like.

Sometimes though, I feel like all the things I thought I would have at my age: the house, the dog, the beginning of this storybook life.. have been put on hold for awhile.

The reason I know to be this. This passion. This love for this art that makes me lose sleep and wake up at midnight with a mind scouring through countless ideas. The desire to succeed has put me in a fast-moving world of new computer programs and immediate social media. It’s changing at lightning speed- the newest is never the newest for long, and the latest invention is succeeded in a matter of months. I was pumped about finally getting Lightroom 3, only to be notified by Adorama a few weeks later that Lightroom 4 is now sweeping the market. Really?? I mean I know I was behind on the times with numero tres, but jeeeeez.

When I started, I had no clue of what I was getting into. It’s a mixture of a mountainous workload and fire to follow my dream that leaves me exhausted but motivated to keep on chugging. It’s the craziest recipe of emotions I have yet to experience.

It’s been one wild ride so far, but it’s rockin’ my world.

Watching the family, I realized how life’s journey has no end. We’re all waking up each day having no clue what the rest of it holds, and continuing on in the hopes that we’re all following the trail we’re supposed to be. Nobody’s life has a timeline (as much as we think it does when we’re young. Yes, I was one of those girls who could tell ya what age she would graduate college, start a career, get married, have kids, and purchase her first Great Dane  : ) .. I know there’s more of you ladies out there!)

I guess this is my way of saying see ya! to that oh-so-important schedule for my life. Get outta here, dude.

I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda chick,always.  Not knowing when is this big box with a bow that keeps us appreciating each day more and more.

I’m a lover of life, and this whole park play date kinda reminded me why.

Oh yes! Almost forgot the best part. Pictures for my lovely peeps…

That was before the big ole storm rolled in! Loved this day more than anything.




Jessica Diedrich - April 30, 2012 - 7:23 pm

You and I have a lot more in common than just our name, chicky :) I was totally that girl, and actually did have it all figured out at 25, only to come to find out that at 35, while I have the family, the dog, the house, etc., it’s still way more fun to fly by the seat of your pants. Kids and dogs won’t get in the way of that if you’re a free spirit which it sounds like you definitely are. I think you are amazing and I am envious that you are a whole 10 years younger than me to keep living that spontaneity and that you’ve figured out a lot of things I’ve only come to know in the past year or so. Life is to be loved-and I love that you are going out there and grabbing that! :)

Jessica Diedrich - April 30, 2012 - 7:25 pm

whoa- ok, I just read that and it totally sounded wrong, HAHA! I didn’t mean it’s NOT fun to have the family and the kids and dog- I meant, it’s fun to have them AND still be able to fly by the seat of our pants, LOL! Just wanted to clarify that before someone read it and went wow, what an ingrate, ha!

Jessie - May 3, 2012 - 2:00 pm

haha ! I gotcha :) Thanks so much for the support and sweet words, Jessica and thanks for reading!

christine + max. engagement.

I’m having a moment today.


I’ve decided to be pretty straight up with you guys, and so you know I’m going to be telling you the ins and outs after yesterday’s up close & personal blog entry.


I am about to post one of my very best friend’s engagement sessions, and I am getting a little sentimental. Not gonna lie.


It’s kinda crazy really.. I get to meet new people every day in this business, and  I get to be a part of huge events in their lives.  When I get to be a part of someone’s this close to me- it just makes me so happy and even more overwhelmed with the awesomeness of it all.


In tribute of posting this super special engagement session, I’m gonna take a walk down memory lane with my girl Christine.


I know she’s probably reading right now and wondering (or fearing) what in the world I will pull out of my bag ‘o memories from our long friendship. I just had to for such a special post. I’m imagining her saying Oh gosh, Jessie. Plllleaassee don’t. to her computer screen right now, and I’m sure she is.


:-) I just can’t help myself, Christine. LOVE YOU!


Here we go..


So I met this little lady when I was freshman in high school. Sitting beside her in my English class, we laughed about things we shouldn’t & bonded over boys, gossip, and the like. We were 14, but easily acted as though we were 25. I think that goes for most young girls. Nothing short of invincible.. as is every teenager.


We passed notes and ran up the phone bill. We confided in each other quickly, and became best friends just as fast. It was great to find such an awesome friendship soulmate right of the high school gate.


Christine has been there for some of the rockiest points in my life and some of the best. We still laugh about an old school episode where I laid bundled in a big heap at the bottom of a staircase. Blabbering and blubbering, I fumbled over my heartbroken self as I attempted to get over an old boyfriend. She so lovingly begged to pull myself out of it, but then decided she had no choice. That 5’1’’ little chick hauled me off my feet and dragged me up the stairs. I was about 7 inches taller than she and was carrying much more weight than her super small frame. Sometimes I wonder how in the world she got me up there, but she did. I think I’ll love her forever for that one. And also be in endless awe… Hulk moment fo sho.


A lot of our bonding came from theater and our love for performing. We rocked it out in our high school play Grease, she played “Jan” and I “Frenchie”. She belted it out while my mic was turned down way low- I can’t sing but I can lip sync like a wild woman.


We went on our senior trip together and had a blast. Enjoying a week in Clearwater, FL, with two of our other good friends, we had the time of our lives. Literally. I don’t think I’ll ever forget feeling as free or as if the whole world was at my fingertips. Now that I look back, it really was.


We did what most teenagers do. We got in trouble together. We argued at times. We laughed until we cried. We grew up in so many ways I can’t even count them. All in all, we’ve been through a lot together. A LOT.


This lady has seen me through every heartbreak, every emotional outpouring, she’s sat on the phone with me while I cried ( Yes. I cry a lot. Crying is my emotional equivalent of just about everything.), and she’s been the girl I associate some of best memories with.


I was there with her when she gave birth to her daughter, Maci Grace. I seriously have never seen anything more amazing in my life. Tears? You know it. Tons and tons of tears. I couldn’t believe this girl I was kid with was having one of her own, and the fact that she asked me to be there with her made me feel even more special.


She’s a one-of-a-kind chick, and I love her to pieces. You’ll probably hear me say that friends are awesome in this coming trend of personal posts. Because they really are. You’ll also hear me say there’re pretty.. cause they are smokin’ hot… Inside and out. I love my girls.


Whoa…. I got a little carried away on my little memory magic carpet.


What do you expect from a emotional bag of tricks such as me? I just had to go all out for this one.


Now onto this Max character…


If you know him, you love him. He’s as adorable as he is a sweetheart, and the best part? You know exactly why he popped the question when you see him look at her.


They’ve got this cool & easy love. As playful as it serious, they have never looked back after meeting and beginning their relationship together. I’ll never forget her calling me for the first time and literally oozing so much interest in Max, that I couldn’t help but smile until my face became numb.


She was smitten.


I loved it, and have enjoyed watching them grow together and seeing them begin this awesome new chapter in their lives.


September 15th is the date & I can’t wait to see them make it official.


Along with every other huge milestone, I’m going to be lucky enough to stand beside this girl as she marries this man she loves so much. Watching things come full circle really does makes you realize how beautiful life is, how precious relationships are, and how life-long friends are the best kind.


*sniff *sniff


Oh heck.. just call me  Splash Country. The waterworks will be on full blast for their big day.


Christine & Max: Loves to you both & CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! This wedding is gonna rock :)



Carmen Craven - April 3, 2012 - 10:41 pm

Beautiful pictures!

Dianne - April 5, 2012 - 5:38 pm

Some of the two most lovely folks I’ve seen. Neat things you did with them and that old barn!

Jessie - April 5, 2012 - 8:27 pm

Thanks Dianne : ) We had a blast!

Jessie - April 5, 2012 - 8:27 pm

Thanks Carmen! Beautiful couple ; )

Rachel Nixon - April 10, 2012 - 6:30 am

SO beautiful!! And such sweet words about your forever friend! Congratulations, Christine!! I can’t wait to show Mom these photos! <3

meredith - April 10, 2012 - 2:38 pm

Good pictures!! sweet couple! loving it

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A new kind of blog love.

A new kind of blog love.


I feel like turning a new leaf, starting a new chapter, and in the words of my most recent tattoo: embracing possibility.


Up until this point, I have compiled posts revolving primarily around my work, my photos, and my job as a photographer. It’s been chocked full of fun stuff surrounding my business, and I have loved sharing all these images with you guys.


But to be honest??


I’m kind of ready for something new.


Not occupation wise! Pump the breaks. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.  I love my work too much to be be flying off in left field.


Something new for this blog. I’ve been thinking. A lot. My mind adventures creep up on me when I least expect, and I’m lost staring at a teeny-tiny tack hole in my leaving room wall for twenty minutes. No, seriously. My childhood best friend used to make fun of me because my eyes would just become affixed on something and then start to bulge out of my head while I was in deep thought. It was kind of weird. I know, right? Creepy.


Anyways. Long story short- I’m a thinker. Over thinker, to be exact. I analyze the latest analyzation.. Worry about what’s worrying me..


This blog’s missing piece has been sitting on the doorstep of my worrisome mental porch. I couldn’t shake it. I worked on the blog in various ways.. I redesigned it. I posted more. I changed fonts and redefined pixel counts.


I analyzed again.


I worried some more.


Then it hit me like a ton of bundled html code.


This blog was missing one very important piece: me.


Sure, I write about myself in passing- what I thought of the session at hand, what I love about them, and the like. I write about the pictures that visually encompass my passion, but never feel like I am verbally matching that same importance.


Sure, I got in to a stint last year where I wrote a few personal posts. Sadly enough, it was short lived and I became swamped with editing. I returned to bi-weekly entries displaying photos and recounting the awesomeness that surrounded it. I yearned to resume my personal posting, but found the time and the courage do so minimal.


There’s something so simply terrifying about, essentially, blindly posting virtual diary entries.


Who’s reading? Potentially many to none, a questionable amount embedded in the beauty that is the internet.


It makes a non-nail biter go to town on those puppies. It makes me nervous.


But the older I get, the more I realize that life is about leaving comfort zones and changing the game to bring about personal growth. It’s about doing the things you wish you could and dreamed you would.


It’s about being the change you seek. Yup, Ghandi is the man. My boyfriend told me that quote and I reveled in it’s awesomeness.


So, folks… you’ve just arrived to my non-picture posting post.


It’s all about some Jessie, and I hope you’re down for that.


I put down my personal writing pen awhile ago. Mainly writing for hire and the like. I forgot whose fingers were tip-tapping away and whose eyes were mid-bulge shuffling through a million and one ideas.


So I’m gonna write about me and my crazy photo adventures, about my exciting news to be announced in the next few months,  about my dreams as a small town girl just trying to make it in this crazy photo world, and about my life as it progresses way too fast for my own comfort.


What do you mean I’m 25?! Where are my Reebok light up sneaks?? I’m still a child at heart most definitely.


I hope you want to get to know me better, because I sure do love to know some people are reading. So leave me a comment.. send me some love. If I write something that inspires you, tell me. If I write something that makes you get a little teary, tell me. If I write something that pisses you off, tell me.


I’m all about the comments, peeps. It keeps me knowing that you’re out there. Even if there’s not one single reader, at least I know I’m doing what makes my heart the happiest and changing this whole blog thing up to be a little more me. Ghandi would be so proud…



I took this on my afternoon walk today. It’s like a breath of fresh air in photo form.

Beth - April 3, 2012 - 4:28 am

Yay! Love it! A rockin’ first step. Love your writing voice. Look forward to reading more from you! =}

Jessie - April 5, 2012 - 8:27 pm

Thanks Beth… LOVES TO YOU for the great advice!

joy mccaleb - April 7, 2012 - 8:23 pm

adorable story about your love for people and photography! love, love, love!