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A new kind of blog love.

A new kind of blog love.


I feel like turning a new leaf, starting a new chapter, and in the words of my most recent tattoo: embracing possibility.


Up until this point, I have compiled posts revolving primarily around my work, my photos, and my job as a photographer. It’s been chocked full of fun stuff surrounding my business, and I have loved sharing all these images with you guys.


But to be honest??


I’m kind of ready for something new.


Not occupation wise! Pump the breaks. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.  I love my work too much to be be flying off in left field.


Something new for this blog. I’ve been thinking. A lot. My mind adventures creep up on me when I least expect, and I’m lost staring at a teeny-tiny tack hole in my leaving room wall for twenty minutes. No, seriously. My childhood best friend used to make fun of me because my eyes would just become affixed on something and then start to bulge out of my head while I was in deep thought. It was kind of weird. I know, right? Creepy.


Anyways. Long story short- I’m a thinker. Over thinker, to be exact. I analyze the latest analyzation.. Worry about what’s worrying me..


This blog’s missing piece has been sitting on the doorstep of my worrisome mental porch. I couldn’t shake it. I worked on the blog in various ways.. I redesigned it. I posted more. I changed fonts and redefined pixel counts.


I analyzed again.


I worried some more.


Then it hit me like a ton of bundled html code.


This blog was missing one very important piece: me.


Sure, I write about myself in passing- what I thought of the session at hand, what I love about them, and the like. I write about the pictures that visually encompass my passion, but never feel like I am verbally matching that same importance.


Sure, I got in to a stint last year where I wrote a few personal posts. Sadly enough, it was short lived and I became swamped with editing. I returned to bi-weekly entries displaying photos and recounting the awesomeness that surrounded it. I yearned to resume my personal posting, but found the time and the courage do so minimal.


There’s something so simply terrifying about, essentially, blindly posting virtual diary entries.


Who’s reading? Potentially many to none, a questionable amount embedded in the beauty that is the internet.


It makes a non-nail biter go to town on those puppies. It makes me nervous.


But the older I get, the more I realize that life is about leaving comfort zones and changing the game to bring about personal growth. It’s about doing the things you wish you could and dreamed you would.


It’s about being the change you seek. Yup, Ghandi is the man. My boyfriend told me that quote and I reveled in it’s awesomeness.


So, folks… you’ve just arrived to my non-picture posting post.


It’s all about some Jessie, and I hope you’re down for that.


I put down my personal writing pen awhile ago. Mainly writing for hire and the like. I forgot whose fingers were tip-tapping away and whose eyes were mid-bulge shuffling through a million and one ideas.


So I’m gonna write about me and my crazy photo adventures, about my exciting news to be announced in the next few months,  about my dreams as a small town girl just trying to make it in this crazy photo world, and about my life as it progresses way too fast for my own comfort.


What do you mean I’m 25?! Where are my Reebok light up sneaks?? I’m still a child at heart most definitely.


I hope you want to get to know me better, because I sure do love to know some people are reading. So leave me a comment.. send me some love. If I write something that inspires you, tell me. If I write something that makes you get a little teary, tell me. If I write something that pisses you off, tell me.


I’m all about the comments, peeps. It keeps me knowing that you’re out there. Even if there’s not one single reader, at least I know I’m doing what makes my heart the happiest and changing this whole blog thing up to be a little more me. Ghandi would be so proud…



I took this on my afternoon walk today. It’s like a breath of fresh air in photo form.

Beth - April 3, 2012 - 4:28 am

Yay! Love it! A rockin’ first step. Love your writing voice. Look forward to reading more from you! =}

Jessie - April 5, 2012 - 8:27 pm

Thanks Beth… LOVES TO YOU for the great advice!

joy mccaleb - April 7, 2012 - 8:23 pm

adorable story about your love for people and photography! love, love, love!

Katie & Eli: a rustic country cabin engagement session

Feet bare: check.

Porch sunbathing: check.

Computer & coffee: check.

Ticket into hog heaven: double check.

Have I fallen into some crazy twilight universe, here? Where’s the creepy music and crazy space visuals? I mean.. where did this awesome weather come from?

Oh, how my little heart is jumping for joy right now. This is such a perfect day to share a little love story with you guys.

Besides being one super adorable couple, these two are all about laughing together and living in the moment. This whole session was like one big play date, and I was overjoyed to see the two of them having so much fun with it.

I went to high school with Katie & Eli, and when I saw Katie at a local bridal show she told me she was getting married this year to Mr. Akers. My reply? I know! I saw it on Facebook. 

She doesn’t have Facebook.

Not gonna lie, sometimes I feel like such a stalker when I bring up stuff like that. It showed up on my news feed. I swear! You Facebook peeps out there know what I’m talking about. Right? Right?! ; )

Eli’s mom, Susannah ( who I know is reading this: Hi Susannah!! ;) ) posted the good news on her wall, and I “liked” it. Well, let’s be honest here. I loved it. Facebook needs a love button. My sister and I  joke about that constantly. There’s just too many awesome things I see, and just liking it doesn’t suffice.

When Katie & Eli decided to book me for their day, I was flattered and so excited. I couldn’t wait to document their fairy tale, and watch two old friends tie the knot.

You all know how mushy I can get when it comes to love. Oh you don’t?? You must be new to the blog. Welcome! You should check out this blog post here. You’ll see how much I  l-o-v-e my wedding couples.

I’m itching like I just walked through a jungle of poison ivy to show this to you guys.

Such a fun session in such a cool location…

Another reason to love my job: sessions like these. I feel blessed and super lucky to be working with all these couples.

Time to celebrate with some pictures. Congratulations you lovebirds, you. Your wedding day is gonna rock.


Liz & Derick: an engagement session down on the farm

I think my days start off best when I get to share engagement sessions with all you beautiful people. Thanks for visiting my blog today! I am always excited when people venture over to flip through some photos and spend a little time with yours truly.

I really can’t believe that 2012 wedding season + all the photo ops that come with it are finally here. Did I pull a Sleeping Beauty and go a little comatose over winter?? It seems to have flown by.. hasn’t it?! I’m totally okay with that because I’m a barefeet & bathing suit kinda gal. Hand me the Hawaiian Tropic. I just can’t wait to get my summertime tan, fun, & sun on. Bring it.

I know that beautiful weather is just waiting around the corner when I start getting to photograph engagement sessions. Liz & Derick’s love-filled shoot marked my second engagement session for 2012. (Anna & Mark had a January e- session that kicked off my wedding season fun this year.  You can check out here!)

All around, e-sessions are some of my favorites. I love my couples, and these mini adventures are always the beginning of a great friendship with my couples. Let’s just say we bond. A lot…like summer camp buddies and old school jungle gym pals. Just knowing that I’ll be there for the most important day of their lives together, reminds me that I’ve got a friend for life. Where’s the broken heart “best friends” necklaces and cool friendship bracelets? Goodies galore.

The best part is (besides the photos, of course) the chats we have in between the shooting.

We talk about their love story. How they met. What was said . Who made the first move that sealed their fate.

We talk about everything and anything. I have some of my favorite conversations with my couples, and Liz and Derick fit the script for one amazing session.

A couple of Sundays ago, I was invited down to the outskirts of Chattanooga, McDonald, TN, to a down-home country farm for Liz & Derick’s engagement session. We’d chatted over the phone, countless emails, and the like. We were You’ve Got Mail  Bffs immediately. Needless to say, I just couldn’t wait to finally meet these two in person.

When we got to their location, got settled, and began shooting, I was smitten after the first click.

Their love was so… easy– carefree & completely mindless. They looked adorable without even thinking. My heart melted all over my new boots…. and I was thinking I would just get them muddy. Sheesh. Covered in cute overload, I got reminded of why I started shooting in the first place.

Sometimes, I feel like couples let me into their lives…. in such a special and private way. There’s a dividing line between the way lovebirds act alone & when they are out in public. PDA is normal but you rarely see couples cuddled up in a corner sealed off in their own little bubble, utterly oblivious of anything and everything around them. For an hour, I get to disappear & see just that.

It’s pretty awesome. I always wanted to fly for my super power, but invisibility is swell, as well.

After looking at the images below, you’ll see exactly what I mean when I talk about Liz & Derick. They had so much fun with this and it shows.

Days like this just can’t be beat. Beautiful weather, amazing location, and two people excited for their wedding day… My goodness, 2012. You’re shaping up quite nicely.

I hope you’ll join me for more blog posts in the future. I’m planning on bringing lots of awesome stuff your way this year & posting like crazy. Say you’ll visit often?? Music to my ears ♥




Charlene Wilson - March 10, 2012 - 9:40 pm

The “farm” belongs to my neighbors, and we have celebrated numerous occasions there. I have watched Liz grow up; her family is very special to me and we call each other “family”. It is wonderful how you have captured the peacefulness of the farm, and the essence of Liz and Derick’s love for each other. Thanks for telling me how to find the photos!
I also loved your blog about the day!

Jessie - March 11, 2012 - 2:07 pm

Thank you for the blog love, Charlene! I fell in love with the area and all the land around it. You live in a very beautiful place. Liz, Derick, and I were chatting about how relaxing it would be to live there. Thank you for keeping up with the photos. I can’t wait til their wedding. Eek! (girly squeal) :)

[…] Liz & Derick’s engagement session was one of those great ones. We laughed, and I learned about their love: about their first encounter as unwilling concession stand volunteers, about their last-minute decision to grab a bite to eat together that sealed their fate, and about Derick’s heated car seats that doubled as brownie points for Liz. […]

Jessica Killmon. solo session

This was a long long long winter, and I am so happy that this weather is starting to perk up in preparation for summertime. Hello pretty greenery & high temperatures!! We’ve got a little bit of a wait, but a girl can dream, can’t she??

Midway through my winter hibernation, Jess & I tromped out into some nearby woods and shot a little solo session to shake off my wintertime blues. Even though we were shivering, I was happy just to be outside with my camera in hand.

Cold months seem to last forever when I’m yearning to get out & shoot. Thank goodness Jess was on the same page, and we decided to play outside & take some pretty pictures.

Hope you enjoy this fun wooded adventure session!

Big thanks to Cottage Antiques for providing the props. Love love love that store!




Anniversary Session: Katie & Jon

I have this attachment to my first wedding clients. You see, Katie found me at the Magic Moments bridal show two years ago, and when she asked me to shoot her wedding I was floored. Me?? I absolutely loved taking pictures, but my portfolio was limited, and I was just trying to break into the wedding market. I was hoping 2010 brides would take a chance on me, and when Katie did.. I couldn’t believe it.

Katie and I clicked immediately. Her firey red hair and sweet personality had me smitten with excitement about photographing her and becoming her new friend. When I met her fiancé ( now, husband!), Jonthan, I was stoked. They were so cute together, and it was obvious they were perfect for each other. Even just sitting and chatting about their wedding, I could tell what a cool connection the two of them had. Their love for each other was contagious, and I left their consultation wishing their wedding day would hurry up and get here. I just couldn’t wait to work with these too.

Here they are on their wedding day…

That was two years ago, and Katie and Jon have been close friends of mine ever since. When we met up to photograph their session, there was not one silent minute from the time we began until we finished at sunset. We talked about everything.. about the new house they completely redid themselves (it’s pretty amazing, folks. I was blown away). We talked about the business and all the new things happening. We talked about how time can get away from us. We caught up. We reminisced.

I’ll admit, I didn’t expect this when I started shooting.

When I bought my first pro camera ( a D700 and my absolute baby- I think BD gets jealous sometimes haha), I expected to learn everything about it. I expected to be overwhelmed.  I expected to stumble a few times. I expected I would have to dust myself off and keep on truckin’. I hoped people would hire me. I stressed they wouldn’t.

Let’s be honest, I was scared. I knew I wanted something- this business, and I just had to have it. I expected it to be a journey, and it has been.

See, I expected so many things surrounding my camera and the business I wanted to build around it. What I wasn’t prepared for were the couples who would let me into their own love story. Couples who were eager to share their excitement with me- who wanted me to be around for one of the most important days of their lives.

Again, Me??!

Yup. It has been one wild ride, and Katie & Jon were there from the start.

Don’t mean to get sentimental folks, but it really does put me in emotions I can’t explain in writing. This is weird for me to not be able to elaborate.

This brings me to a very special point for all you aspiring picture takers out there..

In such a big world with lots of photographers, it can be hard to snag your first job. Keep on shooting! Don’t stop for nuthin’. (my english teacher mom would kill me for that one. eek!)

I have no photographic training. None. A few classes in darkroom, but that’s it. Everything else I’ve taught myself. I’ve read. A lot. Why am I telling you this? Doesn’t it put me as a disadvantage? Revealing my lack of formal education… won’t that turn people off? I hope not. But if does, that’s okay. Because I love what I do and I’m gonna keep on doing it.

If you love pictures, keep on taking them.  If people say something negative, brush it off your shoulder and stomp on it. If you start getting turned around about f-stops, shutter speeds, and all your reciprocals.. take a deep breath. You’ll get it. What matters if that you like your pictures. Keep on doing what makes you YOU and people will love it, too.

Thanks to Katie & Jon, I realized that. You two are the best. Thank you for everything. Seriously. I am forever grateful.