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Heather & Brandon | Engagement | Crossville, TN

Happy Wednesday ladies and gents! Mid-week rendezvous here on the ole bliggitty blog, and I’m so glad you joined me. : )

I just wanted to share some special e-session love with two fellow favorites of mine, and send a little congrats their way. They are tying the knot at  the Cumberland Mountain Lodge in Crossville, and I couldn’t be excited. When Heather told me we would be getting to shoot their engagement session there, as well- I was doubly pleased. For reals?!? Ugh. You know how I melt at the sound of shooting in the wilderness with an adorable couple. My heart can’t take such sweet chit-chat.

From the rustic stables to the pretty green trees (What’s the you say, Brandon? Poison Ivy?!? Get my iPhone and let’s take a picture to be sure. haha) , I was in some photo for heaven for reals people. The light was like sending me into a frenzy. Coming in through the tops of this woodsy wonderland, those pretty streaks of sun lit up on Heather’s blonde hair…. she kind of glittered.. not gonna lie.

Admittedly, I am  somewhat of a Twilight fan.. nothing crazy- I made it through the first book and that was that, but that glittering moment had me whispering Edward?? Are you there?? into the wind. haha… I’m sitting here giggling to myself over coffee. I freakin’ love a good blog post, morning made.

But no for reals about the light ( getting all distracted talking about vampires here ), I gasped when Heather stepped into a patchy spot with the light just beaming off of her. Stay right there.  I spoke slowly. She froze and looked at me with a deer in the headlights kinda look. Agh!!! You look so pretty!! I yelled as I steadied my camera, and saw what I had been going for with this gorgeous lady, the sun streaks, and that awesome skirt she rocked so well. She beamed as bright as the light itself, and I think I fell in love with that girl right then and there. She was just so stinkin’ cute.

These two are so much fun to get to photograph. We laughed and had the best time walking through their wedding day venue. As we neared the back of the location, I spotted an old warehouse and shot a glance at Heather Can we go in there?? I asked timidly. I wanted these pictures to be exactly what she wanted, and sometimes creepy old warehouse don’t fit the bill for what some girls may envision for their pre-wedding photos. But Heather? Of course! She replied. I would love that!

Oh my gosh. Have I found another photo match here??? Yes, these two fit the script. Their adventurous sides had me loving them from the start. The warehouse photos are some of my favorites. Thanks for getting dusty with me, you two.

Eek! So excited to share these with you all.

Debby Bergeron - July 11, 2012 - 5:25 pm

Love the pics! Thanks for sharing!! Heather, you are gorgeous as always and Sparta isn’t looking too bad himself! Congrats

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Diana & Patrick | 6.9.12 | Knoxville, TN

I think sometimes words make music, and in this case Diana was singing to me like she was Ms. Diana Ross herself.

The chorus? The Knoxville Botanical Garden. My heart? A flutter.

“Seriously?!” I gasped in amazement. I needed a moment. The idea of my camera, a bride and groom, and a bunch of pretty flowery things. I can’t take it.. too much photo excitement and I go into shock.

As if their location wasn’t going to be awesome enough, these two had me looking forward to their big day even months before it arrived. We got to shoot their engagement session at the Minister’s Treehouse in Crossville, TN and boy was it an overload of vintage awesomeness. You know how I love getting to spend time with my couples pre-wedding, if you wanna hear me hoot & holler about it.. check out the post here. I do love my e-sessions.

If you know these two personally, you know they love music, laughing, and each other like crazy. Diana & Patrick are like the sweetest thing ever as individuals, and then when you put em together it’s like a big ole slice of adorable pie.

We had such an amazing time at their wedding, and I am super stoked to share all these photos with you lovely peeps.

Diana & Patrick : Could you have anymore of an awesome wedding soundtrack?? Seriously. So smitten with your ideas for you big day, and I could’t have had more fun shooting with you. You light up my little diy heart. Thanks for everything and Congrats!


Jesslyn Amber Claywell - July 15, 2012 - 5:36 am

I wish I could be just half as talented as you are, Jessie! All of your pictures are amazing! You inspire me!

Valerie & Steven | 6.2.12 | Knoxville, TN

I don’t know if it was the amazing windows of the church or the gown she wore that stole me heart…. possibly it was the awesome bridal party or the unique reception location… maybe it was the beautiful partly cloudy skies or the simply sweet love story of the day. Seriously? How much do I love thee (a.k.a this wedding day??) *sigh* Let me count the ways…

I’m running out of fingers. For reals.

Let’s be frank.. It was probably just everything. The fact that I’ve known Val since my college days just adds some sugar to the honeypot. I met this adorable lady what seems like forever ago but feels like yesterday. Where has all the time gone?!

When she asked me to photograph her and her man, Steven, I was exuberant. Love her!

She raved about their adorable vintage ceremony location (Laurel Theater in Knoxville) , and we conversated via email about how we couldn’t wait until June. Finally, the day had arrived and I was up that morning bright and early like it was my first day of Kindergarten. I couldn’t wait!

Sure enough, Val described the awesomeness of her day to a T. I was just in love with the symmetrical panes of the downstairs windows just as much as the colored designed ones upstairs. It was a sight, and I was just tickled pink to get to shoot in such cool mixed lighting.

After the ceremony, we headed to their super cute reception location at Sassy Ann’s. The vintage lamps paired with antique-y dark wood created one beautiful way to top off their wedding day in this three-tiered house of “Holy cow I love my brides and their amazing taste.”  Sassy Ann’s is nightlife get together spot for Knoxvillians, and having actually met there for the first time ever- this spot couldn’t be more fitting for the day at hand.

Their sentimental smiles as we photographed their newlywed photos seeped into my big ole hopeless romantic heart. You know me. I am a fool for a good love story, and theirs was just perfect.

All this chit-chat has me excited to show you some photos. Congrats Val & Steven!

jessie & austin. engagement session.

I freaked when she emailed me: You’re a Jessie too??? I replied.

Heart: Be still.

Seriously, a name buddy? No… better: A new 2012 bride/name buddy. Oh heavens. Needless to say, I was so happy when I got the news that Jessie & Austin wanted me to come along for their big wedding extravaganza.

Jessie and I swapped emails here and there before their engagement session… we talked outfits, locations, dates. We giggled like girls and loaded up the emails text with lots of exclamation points. I get giddy about these types of sessions.

Huh?? What’s that you say? Why??? You must read more here my pretty ——> I just gush about everything engagement.

On my way to Monterey for their shoot, I played my music way too loud… gotta get in the photo zone, don’t ya know! I slurped on my overly sweetened Starbucks’ beverage (a sugar + caffeine rush is so perfect). I mentally prepped for this amazing session as I took in the beautiful countryside landscape around me.

It’s beautiful thing we Tennesseans see everyday. So much so, that it’s easy to forget to appreciate it. It’s the drives like this one that make me fall in love the trees, the heat (LOVING summer so far), and the jaw-dropping colors that can turn a Tennessee sky into a painting.

When I met them at this red barn, I giggled to myself as Jessie hopped out of their car in one of the most graceful of ways. With her Cowboy boots on she gave me a huge smile, and her excitement for the session was just beaming. A true Southern belle, I’ll say.

Before I knew it, we were off and away: photographing their session and just have a blast. They brought this amazing Nashville sign, and I was so excited to see this couple adding such a personal touch to their love story photos.

We ended their amazing engagement shoot overlooking those oh-so-amazing hills I had just fawned over on the way there. It really is such a beautiful thing to see… the view… the scenery from so high above… the adorable couple who was eager to tie the knot…

Such a combination and I might as well just consider it a day made. Hm… I think I will. One for the record books, most definitely.


Julie & Blake {Brentwood, TN} 4.27.12

The vintage windowpane with a script-y “Julie & Blake” jumped out and welcomed me with a big wedding photo hug. Hello, fabulous Friday wedding.

I looked at Beth. This is gonna be fun, I said with a giddy smile. She laughed and gasped Agh! I love it.  We are just two peas in a pod when it comes to diy and these two had us smitten before we even clicked a shutter.

I don’t think the day could have been more beautiful… well- let me rephrase… * it was a photographer’s dream but potentially a cause of bridal panic attack prior to an outdoor ceremony. See, the storms were all around us in Nashville, and the possibility of one hitting was quite high. But, oh those stormy skies. Oh, the clouds. Of course, I had my fingers crossed, but I can’t lie. The beauty in the overcast day had me feeling excited for what photos I had in store for Julie & Blake.

I checked my radar often, but thanked my good graces for such a giant softbox in the sky.  So perf.

I have to say, their first look was one of my favorites. As Blake stood waiting on the porch of the Cool Springs House, he fixed his jacket and adjusted his sleeves. His excitement to see his love in all of her white glory was apparent. I couldn’t wait for her big debut, either- first looks are ah-mazing.

As she opened the doors of the historic venue, her face beamed brighter than the color she was wearing. She glowed.

They hugged and showed off their wedding day wear. They laughed and reveled in their moment. So sweet. They ventured off into their own little world, and I looked on with a perma-grin. This is why I love first looks so much. You really get to see people forget you even exist. And in my world, that’s pretty awesome.

Julie had one request for her day of photos- she wanted plenty of time for her and the mister. Could I make it work, she asked. Gladly. Couple  photos too often get compromised  on time when it comes to the hustle and bustle. The fact that Julie was making sure they had plenty of it made me realize she was a girl after my own heart.

As I began photographing them, I forgot I even existed to myself! They were so much fun to take pictures of, and I  lost myself a bit in their down-to-earth attitudes and ability to get wrapped up in one another. You could tell these two shared left-brains. They were so similar in the way they interacted. It was supa cool to watch.. and to snap images of, of course.

As their day progressed, I got to experience their love first hand and get to know them even better. Although we didn’t shoot an engagement session, by the end of the day I felt like I’d just spent it with two old pals.

Was their wedding  awesome, you ask? Preeeetttyyyy much fantastic. This girl couldn’t be happier.


Julie & Blake- For real, could you two be any more wonderful to work with? I am so glad I got to be there with you lovebirds, and I hope you are enjoying all the awesomeness that is married life. Your wedding was beautiful and your written vows amazing. Your venue and decor made my heart sing. If you can’t already tell, I’m kind of tickled to pieces that we hung out on this oh-so special day. I wish you both the best, and I hope your marriage is filled with plenty of creative collaborating. ; ) Congrats!