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Beau & Beverly | Narnia Styled Shoot | Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe | Mint Springs Farm| Nashville, TN | Nashville Wedding Photographer

I once heard in a photography workshop that when you find inspiration, you should grab onto it and hold on for dear life. The instructor continued to elaborate on exactly how fleeting it is, and to remind us all that when we come across it we should do whatever possible to latch onto that feeling.  And run like hell with it– an emotion too precious to let fly by.

My reaction? Speak it Ms. Instructor Lady. Speak it.. I nodded my head in agreement while editing at my desk and said the words “Truth, sister. Amen.”

Yep. I talk to myself on the regular when it comes to working in my home office. I don’t have a dog (yet!), and my office buddy is the hula hoop I just bought at my local Wal*Mart. Best five bucks I have yet to spend. You should see me while I’m waiting on my computer to upload photos to online galleries.. I’m a hooping machine- dancing around my room to Spotify and laughing while I look kind of like an idiot to the people driving by on the busy Nashville street below. I would look way cooler if I actually knew how to do it. No worries, practice makes perfect.

My hooping breaks were pretty frequent, except for lately. I’ve fallen off the hula wagon, but with good reason.

The culprit: Narnia. I know. Totally worth it.

With the help of Southern Soirée, this styled shoot took my breath away. If I were to fall in love with an object, it would be this dress. And with two people? It would have to be Beverly & Beau.

I really would love to jabber on about everything in the shoot that had my heart literally oozing out of my chest, but you know me. I’m impatient to a fault, and sharing these photos just can’t wait.

Inspiration x Infinity = this session.


Venue: Mint Springs Farm

Props & Decor : Southern Events Party Rentals

Cake : Sweetface Cakes

Dress: B. Hughes Bridal

Event Coordinator: Southern Soirée

Invitations & Paper Goods: Prim & Paper


Bonnie, Devin, and Jessica | Fashion | Nashville Fashion Photographer

Hell yes. It’s Saturday. You know how I love my weekends. Lounge pants and my Snooki sneaks, I’ve got my feet propped up watching The Doodlebugs. Accidentally, actually. It came on after the news, and the remote is halfway across the room. If you’re familiar with weekend mornings after the news, you’re familiar with this crazy kids’ show– full of lots of song and dance performed by actors in bright colors. I need a big bowl of Captain Crunch right now. Nothing completes reliving childhood like Captain Crunch.

So.. beyond my excitement about lounging around in pjs and rockin’ out some relxation on this Saturday, it gets better.

Is it possible?!?! But of course. It’s picture time folks.

And this one’s so extra special to me. Not only because these are three of my very great girlfriends, but because I’m branching out with my photography and dipping my fashion toes into the editorial waters. It’s pumping me up more than these Doodlebugs signing to me on the telly.

Trying new things makes this ole girl feel a little fuzzy inside, and this whole session had my heart a-flutter with everything visually awesome.

I can’t take credit for the styling– everything you see is straight out of Jess’ closet (the blonde bombshell below) and with the help of Devin ( my brunette beauty) and Bonnie (the curly-haired love of my life), we were able to throw together an editorial shoot right in the backyard.

Backdrops like this make me love the South. Give me some good woods anyday, and I’ll be truckin’ around with jeans, boots, and my camera- taking pictures and loving life.

This day was no different.

Just call me Charlie. And these girls, my angels. :)