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Cait & Joel | Engagement | Arrington Vineyards | Arrington, TN

How I do love engagement sessions..

Finally, I’m getting to post photos from the afternoon I spent with these two awesome peeps. Can their love be any cuter? I don’t think so.

I LOVE when my couples have fun together on these sessions, and I was tickled pink that these two had such a blast! As you can see, they have lots of fun together. So presh. : )

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Sara & Taylor | 7.21.12 | The Baber House at Kennesaw Farms | Gallatin, TN

Hey there, good looking.

It’s been too long (hasn’t it though??) since I’ve written a good ole blog post, and I am kinda tickled pink to have my fingers a-typing on this keyboard again. *Sigh* Good feelings right now, I tell ya what. I do love hanging out and prepping a good post for you guys.

This time is even sweeter than most. I love my couples more than just about anything, and I am super excited to share Sara & Taylor’s wedding day. After shooting their engagement session, (you can check out that out  here) I could not wait for June. It was a long wait but so worth it.

I am so excited to share their images. Eeek!

Congrats to Sara & Taylor!! LOVED everything about your day. : )



conie maynard - August 16, 2012 - 2:37 am

your work gets better and better i tell at least 10 people a day about because fo ruby greenwoods photos stop in silver clippers barber shop and drop some cards off i can give them out connie

Tassi - August 16, 2012 - 2:47 am

these are BEAUTIFUL!!

Jordan + Ben | Maternity | Cookeville, TN

So, since I have been crazy posting everything couples, weddings, engagements, etc.,  I wanted to mix it up a bit!

Check out the photos from Jordan & Ben’s session. They’re expecting!

This was so much fun to shoot. They are like so precious, and I’m sure their little girl will be, too!

Jordan & Ben- Congrats to you both!!

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[…] I wanted to share some of the images with you all, not only because we love our girl Jordan… but WE’RE SO STINKIN’ EXCITED!! I can’t wait to see her little girl, and welcome a new female into the Lenny & Eva family. Eeeek! Girl power.  ( If you’d like to see the rest of her images, check out the full blog post here!) […]

krystle - July 19, 2012 - 10:56 pm

Seriously like the prettiest pregnant woman ever!! These are all so beautiful!

Beverly & Beau | Music Promo | Nashville, TN

When I met Bev she was rockin’ it out at a photo workshop in Nashville. I love me some workshops, but holy cow do I get nervous right before them. Anticipation central. I get so excited I think I might just be sick- like the time I had to be dosed with Pepto Bismol one Christmas when I was literally so excited I brought on a full-blown stomachache. A girl can get pretttttyyy excited about Santa bringing a new Polly Pocket set, let me tell ya.

My excitement tends to turn to nervousness tends to turn to me and my shaky hands stepping up to the plate. I smiled at her timidly while fellow workshoppers hooked me up to all kinds of off camera lighting, explaining to me what goes where and why. Giving me something to hold and asking me light metering questions while we prepped. Whoa. Pepto, anyone? I looked up hoping my model didn’t know I was as nervous as I was. She smiled sweetly back and I appreciated her patience. When I stepped in front of her I kind of lost myself on what to say, between the strobes and the Pocket Wizards- I was overwhelmed and speechless.

Omigosh! she grinned. I love all your bracelets and stuff.

Oh, thanks. I smiled back- just glad she broke the ice.

We have the same style! and she laughed.

What a first impression. Sometimes I think we get so busy with our day to day lives that we genuinely forget how important they are, you will never ever get another one with the same person. As much as you may be able to sway their way of thinking later, a first impression is concrete. Forever. Like forever forever.

Here I was, learning something new to better my photography- completely vulnerable etc.- and this girl just completely changed my day.

And at this point… I’m inserting a personal note to any fellow photogs who are reading: Everyone is a beginner at something at the start. Chances are there will be times when you feel embarrassed or nervous, but keep shooting! There’s so many awesome things to look forward to whenever you get the hang of whatever technique your trying to learn. I do realize it’s hard to put yourself out there sometimes, but don’t give up. You will get it! Just keep your chin up and hustle. My great-grandmother used to say, There are two kinds of people in this world: Movers & Shakers and people who are not.  Which one are you? Go on with ya bad self. Keep your eye on the prize and everything else will follow.

I just needed to say that. It feels good to spread the photo love, and I’ll do it every chance I get.

Speaking of starting up something new, Beverly and Beau are releasing their new EP later this year. I was so thrilled when Bev asked me to photograph this for them.  Calling themselves Blair West, this duo is breaking onto the country scene and I am just all about some new creative adventurers. Their personalities compliment each other so well, and I couldn’t have asked for a better session to decorate their new music release.

And to make things even sweeter, Bev and I have become even better friends since my big move to Nashville. It’s so wild how things come full circle.

What a day. What a couple. What a simply sweet musical love story.

I’m #soblessed.



susan - July 17, 2012 - 9:01 pm

Simply.. beautiful. You captured their personality – they are 100% authentic – great talent + a kind heart.

Heather & Brandon | Engagement | Crossville, TN

Happy Wednesday ladies and gents! Mid-week rendezvous here on the ole bliggitty blog, and I’m so glad you joined me. : )

I just wanted to share some special e-session love with two fellow favorites of mine, and send a little congrats their way. They are tying the knot at  the Cumberland Mountain Lodge in Crossville, and I couldn’t be excited. When Heather told me we would be getting to shoot their engagement session there, as well- I was doubly pleased. For reals?!? Ugh. You know how I melt at the sound of shooting in the wilderness with an adorable couple. My heart can’t take such sweet chit-chat.

From the rustic stables to the pretty green trees (What’s the you say, Brandon? Poison Ivy?!? Get my iPhone and let’s take a picture to be sure. haha) , I was in some photo for heaven for reals people. The light was like sending me into a frenzy. Coming in through the tops of this woodsy wonderland, those pretty streaks of sun lit up on Heather’s blonde hair…. she kind of glittered.. not gonna lie.

Admittedly, I am  somewhat of a Twilight fan.. nothing crazy- I made it through the first book and that was that, but that glittering moment had me whispering Edward?? Are you there?? into the wind. haha… I’m sitting here giggling to myself over coffee. I freakin’ love a good blog post, morning made.

But no for reals about the light ( getting all distracted talking about vampires here ), I gasped when Heather stepped into a patchy spot with the light just beaming off of her. Stay right there.  I spoke slowly. She froze and looked at me with a deer in the headlights kinda look. Agh!!! You look so pretty!! I yelled as I steadied my camera, and saw what I had been going for with this gorgeous lady, the sun streaks, and that awesome skirt she rocked so well. She beamed as bright as the light itself, and I think I fell in love with that girl right then and there. She was just so stinkin’ cute.

These two are so much fun to get to photograph. We laughed and had the best time walking through their wedding day venue. As we neared the back of the location, I spotted an old warehouse and shot a glance at Heather Can we go in there?? I asked timidly. I wanted these pictures to be exactly what she wanted, and sometimes creepy old warehouse don’t fit the bill for what some girls may envision for their pre-wedding photos. But Heather? Of course! She replied. I would love that!

Oh my gosh. Have I found another photo match here??? Yes, these two fit the script. Their adventurous sides had me loving them from the start. The warehouse photos are some of my favorites. Thanks for getting dusty with me, you two.

Eek! So excited to share these with you all.

Debby Bergeron - July 11, 2012 - 5:25 pm

Love the pics! Thanks for sharing!! Heather, you are gorgeous as always and Sparta isn’t looking too bad himself! Congrats

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