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Reservations for 3

              Hm.. I’ve spent the last half hour with my nose buried in my planner. Here I am, checking off tasks I’ve taken care of and putting a month’s worth of to-do lists behind me. Mid- prioritizing and being Ms. Worker Bee over here- I realize.. holy cow. Where has the month of January gone? A week into February and I’m spontaneously flabbergasted about just how fast time does really fly. So cliche. But come on, I feel like it was only yesterday that I was putting Christmas decorations away and kicking off 2011. If this is any prediction of how this year will be, then I am in for one wild ride..

          The past few weeks have been bridal consultations and wedding info meetings galore. My heart could not be happier. I am getting so amped up about this wedding season and all the talk about colors, decor, and of course- photography- that I can barely even stand to wait for May (this wedding season’s start for yours truly). I’ve gotten to look through all the wedding magazines and introduced to all the neon tabbed pages that mark my bride’s list of favorites. I’m basking in the glow of my “googly-eyed” ladies and their beaus. I’m loving the love here, people. Just soaking up that pre-wedding bliss.

          As if I needed a reason to feel all lovey-dovey. Valentine’s Day is knocking at my door and I so shamefully have not purchased BD anything.. I wish he would just  come home one day with Jessie, Please buy me (fill in the blank) for Valentine’s Day. written in black sharpie across his forehead. He’d need a pretty big fourhead. He’d need a fivehead. Corny? Yes. Smiling? I am! 

        I honestly have been so busy buying and preparing for this oh-so adorable Valentine’s day shoot I’ve planned- that I’ve neglected my own little Valentine. I still have a week. I will think of something. Homeade, probably. From the heart, definitely. In my defense, though. I really expect nothing from my man. I’m so pumped up about this themed shoot, I feel like I’m getting a present anyways. I am easy to please. What’s that you say? Me+my camera for Valentine’s? Uh- yes. Reservations for two. And BD can come? Make that three. I wonder if he ever feels like the third wheel?: )

        I can’t wait to show you guys the images from this session I’m speaking of. I actually had an idea for it when I was walking through an antique store and caught wind of these cool garden/yard decor pieces. These finds were super cheap and stinkin’ adorable. After a couple days and a few nights laying in bed wide awake. Thinking. I had picked out a model ( she’s adorable!) and all my props. Now I am counting down the days, and warding of this “Winter Mix” Leland Statum predicted this morning. Gross. Not right now.  This week is promising to be photo packed, and Mr. Winter can go on his merry little way right about now. I have had enough of him. Nothing personal. Really. 

        With a senior picture session, a themed photo session, and an engagement session.. this week is looking like spring isn’t too far away. And Puxatony Phil may just be right this year and bring us some warm  weather… asap, please? I’ll be blogging this week with more updates on my sessions and my last minute shopping extravaganza for the boyfriend. Can’t stand the anticipation? I know- almost too much to bear! This week is going to be a fine one, indeed. Can’t wait to get started now that the the Super Bowl extravaganza has ended that is. My team always wins. Go Commericals : )


as always.. a photo for the blog post..

Here’s what I get to edit to at night… Lucky me : ).. yes this guy definitely deserves a Valentine’s day gift for all the late night serenades..

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