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“Ringing” in the New Year at the bridal show : )

              My house is clean ( sort of ). My prints are neatly stored away. My props are back in their cozy attic nook. My mind is back in tact, and I can actually carry on a conversation with BD without interrupting it with secondary thoughts about display ideas. What has happened here?! The Magic Moments bridal show has been squared away, and the stress ( enjoyable stress, mind you.. if there is such a thing?) has faded away and left me with an excited/anxious feeling to get this 2011 wedding season underway!!

           I met so so many sweet brides on Sunday. It was such a great atmosphere, the girls were hustling and bustling around with moms, sisters, and bridesmaids. They toted around their little red bride goodie bags with HUGE smiles. For many of the ladies there, this was their first bridal show and that whole  “butterflies in the stomach” feeling about getting married could definitely be felt and seen as a vendor at the show. I LOVED it : ). It was such a great feeling to potentially be part of these girls’ special days, and I couldn’t help but to get all giddy with them.

           I’m not engaged… yet.. but holy cow did this event make me get wedding fever myself. I get so giggly at the thought of just getting engaged that when I heard all of these adorable engagement stories I’d just awww! all day long. My cheeks almost went numb from the perma-grin that resulted from all the romantic little serenades I heard about. It made me look forward to being a bride so much : ) … as if it’s not already something I think about often. I mean come on, so many weddings and no rock? You better believe this girl’s got some plans of her own!!

        haha.. Hopefully this will be the blog entry that BD just so happens to accidently pass over.. because do I have a little something to share.. So my bestie Christine and I were moseying around the booths at the end of the show. I wanted to look around with her, I’d been planted solid at my booth the whole time and I was just as curious as she about the other vendors there. So we just so happened to pass a ring booth.. loaded up with so much bling it almost hurt my eyes.  Of course, being girls.. who aren’t engaged.. who just so happen to like looking at some very special bling.. we stopped… about the same time. We are so much alike, I gotta love my girl.

          The end result of this story? I got to try on my first, real, large, diamond engagement ring. Whoa. I mean.. I could get used to this, ya know? But I put it back. Only after I drooled over it for a few minutes. I grabbed a pamphlet and so sneakily “left” it sitting by BD’s things. What am I talking about? That was sneaky in the least… you think he knows?! : ) It’s something that will be in at least a few years though, I’m sure. It’s no skin og my back though.. getting to go to all these weddings is just so awesome! I love my brides and getting to be  a part of it all : )

           I got to see several of those brides of mine that are oh-so-awesome at the show, and it made me smile to see them loving the booth and looking through their engagements I put into a book. It was quite a rewarding experience and I am so glad I was a part of it! I put up a few photos on Fbook for those of you who missed it I’ll post one again.. 

Here’s the vintage engagement book I put together with testimonials from all my brides : )

My information cards..

My press cards with all my wedding collection package info.. starring the lovely Ms. Katie Boles

My new business cards for the bridal shows etc… the top line of text says “ethereal, vintage-esque photography for the unconventional bride.” love it..

And finally… possibly my fav.. I’m in love with this stationary.. my book today cards..

That was a lengthy post! I love blogging :)

Until next time…


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