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Rock the Dress: Melissa Judd

So on my way home from this session yesterday, I was filthy. From head to toe, covered in muck and mold and my cardigan smelled even worse than both. I was gross. The whole half-hour drive back, I visualized my warm shower and could not wait to throw my clothes in the wash. I decided I have a new motto for creative sessions : you know it’s a good session if you have to shower. And boy did I.

Bridal sessions like this are few and far between. When Melissa got her hands on her aunt’s vintage bridal dress, she contacted me. I was so pumped she thought of me for this session! I am always looking to build the bridal portrait section of my portfolio, and with wedding season just gearing up- it’s great to get out in this pretty weather and finally start shooting ( I have had cabin fever so so SO badly, and I am loving these beautiful days here lately!).

As I would not normally take a bride to such a rustic location, this session fell under the fine print- this girl loves the super crazy/obstacle course kinda locations. She was actually with me when I stepped on a rusty nail during her solo shoot last summer and had to immediately go to get a Tetnis shot afterwards. So needless to say, she showed up in boots…

Smart girl…

With this not actually being her bridal dress, we had a lot more room to move around freely and not worry too much about the dress itself. In sessions like this, you can really get down and dirty. I did just that. Melissa stayed in the clear mainly, but I was rolling around on the ground, gladiator style, to get some of these shots. Melissa laughed at one point and said All in the name of art, right? So true..

And can I just dedicated a section of my post to this awesome dress?? Uh, hello! Love the vintage, the lace, the neckline.. Perfect!

Melissa- thanks for thinking of me when you got the dress. You rock.. great session : )

By the way, the reason these are all edited and ready to post is because I’ve spent the last three hours with boyfriend in the ER. I’m watching him sleep on the floor this very minute, and I just have to share why we took this little 4:30 am trip to the hospital. So, while yours truly was sleeping, BD went to the sink to wash his hands, soaped em all up, and moved a ring from one finger to his ring finger. And what would you know? It got stuck… I mean, stuck. He started to loose circulation and it got all enormous and puffy, and so we went. I was just chillin in the ER with him and editing- productivity in the most unexpected times. Expect a full blog post about our early bird emergency room trip soon, but until then…..



Lacey Rai - March 5, 2011 - 1:40 am

This is glorious. Great modeling and photography combination. Jessie I think she might be a muse. Cannot wait to come home to see you. April 9th and/or 10th still right? Love you and your work. I’ll keep following.

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